Board and Corporate Governance

AGM Election

2017 RAA Annual General Meeting 

RAA is your Association. Since RAA was founded in 1903, our members have been central to everything we do. RAA’s Annual General Meeting and Board of Director Elections is your chance to have a say in how RAA is governed.



The 114th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RAA will be held at the RAA Head Office, 101 Richmond Road Mile End, on Monday 27 November 2017 at 2:15pm.

Voting for the Board of Directors or RAA

Voting for the 2017 RAA Board of Directors’ election has now closed, however you can still participate in RAA’s AGM by coming along to the AGM or by completing the Proxy Form.

Proxy lodgement

If you are unable to attend RAA’s AGM and vote on the items of business, you can appoint another Eligible Member of RAA to attend the meeting as a proxy and vote on your behalf. Eligible Members wishing to appoint a proxy for the AGM must complete the prescribed Proxy Form, contained on page 1 of the Information Pack and return it to RAA by 5:00pm Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Information Pack

The Information Pack, will be distributed to all Eligible Members of RAA, either with your samotor magazine, via email or via direct mail. This pack contains:

  • The Notice of Meeting
  • Directions on how to vote in the 2017 RAA Board Election
  • Directions on how you can participate in the 2017 AGM

Distribution commenced on 16 August 2017

2017 RAA Group Annual Report and Financial Report

The RAA Group Annual Report 2017 is in the process of finalisation and will be soon available for viewing. Please view the RAA Group Financial Report 2017 here.



For any queries relating to RAA’s AGM, please contact the Company Secretary, Meredyth Stewart on 8202 4417 or via email


Did you know?

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Vote online.

Voting is now open click here to vote online.

If you have registered for electronic voting, you wil receive an email from Computershare, who is an independent specialist organisation.