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Do you have a blind spot in your car that makes it really difficult to change lanes? Or do you struggle to get your seat or steering wheel position right?

If you answered yes to either of these questions or have any other problems making adjustments in your car, then RAA’s CarFit program is for you.

CarFit is a free educational program designed to provide advice and information to beginner and experienced drivers. 

The program, which is run by RAA and based on the American CarFit program, has been successfully operating for many years. CarFit offers tailored individual advice on how you and your car can "fit" together to maximise safety and comfort.

Together with an occupational therapist, we’ll look at things like your seat, mirrors, seatbelt and head restraint, making sure they’re all set up correctly to minimise your blind spots and keep you safe on the road. In some cars, we may even be able to eliminate your blind spots!

So what do we check at a CarFit session?

We’ll check to see:

  • If your seat is adjusted correctly so you are at a safe distance from the steering wheel and have adequate vision over the front of the car
  • If your mirrors are adjusted to provide you with maximum vision and reduce your car’s blind spots
  • If your seatbelt is fitted correctly and not providing any discomfort
  • If your head restraint is adjusted to provide protection from whiplash in a crash
  • If you can easily reach the foot pedals
  • If you are aware of all of the available adjustments in your car
  • If you have any mobility issues, a trained occupational therapist can provide advice and options for driving and getting in and out of your car

And the best part – it takes less than half an hour to complete!

Each driver is also provided with a ‘show bag’ full of useful information and a copy of the completed checklist detailing all of the recommendations.

If you'd like to see how CarFit works, check out the video below.

Please note: CarFit is not an assessment of an individual's driving ability.

CarFit testimonials:

"It’s not about skills but about getting to know your car."

"After six years of using an incompatible seatbelt over my neck, it is now adjusted correctly."

RAA currently holds CarFit sessions on the last Wednesday of each month at the RAA Safety Centre in Mile End, and at other selected offsite locations.

Upcoming sessions  

Wednesday 30 August 

RAA Safety Centre
101 Richmond Road, Mile End
Appointments available between 10am and 3pm

Wednesday 27 September

The Fairways Retirement Living
29 Adelaide Rd, McCracken
Appointments available between 10am and 2pm

Wednesday 11 October 

Barossa Arts and Convention Centre
130 Magnolia Rd, Tanunda
Appointments available between 10am and 3pm

Wednesday 25 October

RAA Safety Centre
101 Richmond Road, Mile End
Appointments available between 10am and 2pm

Bookings are essential. Contact RAA on (08) 8202 4221 to find out more or to book an appointment.

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