Apply for Sponsorship

If you would like to apply for sponsorship from RAA, please email sponsorship@raa.com.au to request the sponsorship application form.

Before filling the RAA Sponsorship application form (Application) for RAA to support your project/event/program/activity (referred to as Project), please ensure that you have read and understood the RAA Community Sponsorship Guidelines and that you are familiar with:

  • The criteria that RAA considers to grant sponsorships;
  • The exclusions; and
  • The four step process recommended in the guidelines.

By submitting your written Application you acknowledge that;

  • All sponsorship decisions are at the sole discretion of RAA, and your Application might not be successful even if you satisfy all the criteria specified in the Guidelines; and
  • You bear all costs relating to your Application.

RAA views its contributions and sponsorships as long-term investments in its commitment to the South Australian community. Provided the application is complete, every sponsorship opportunity is thoroughly evaluated so please endeavour to answer every question before submitting. All fields are required.

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