Mobility for Life

Future Mobility Forum - August 2014

Attendees will hear from keynote speaker Larry Burns, former Vice President of General Motors and consultant to Google Car, about the future of mobility in South Australia. 

Other leading industry experts will share their insights on the subject at the forum to be held in August.

Outcomes of the forum will provide RAA and other South Australian stakeholders with ideas for the future of mobility and the ways we can transition there. 

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Mobility for Life Forum - March 2013

RAA is spearheading a proactive stance on mobility with over 100 thought leaders and experts converging at the National Wine Centre in March for the 'Mobility for Life Forum'.

With current estimates projecting nearly one quarter of the Australian population will be aged 65+ by 2050, addressing the future needs of our rapidly ageing population so we can keep them mobile and connected in the community, is clearly one of our State's greatest and most significant challenges.

The Mobility for Life Forum provided stakeholders with the opportunity to collaborate, discuss and reach agreement on the priority mobility issues that require addressing in the short to medium term.

The forum was a positive step to identify the practical solutions and strategic policy changes necessary to enhance the mobility of South Australians as they age.

Keynote presentations were given by:

  • Professor Graeme Hugo, Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide - download presentation
  • Ms Candace Baldwin, Director of Strategy for Ageing in the Community, Community Solutions Group, NCB Capital, USA - download presentation

We will be publishing a report on outcomes from the forum shortly.

Download the Forum Handout here.

Mobility for Life

Mobility for Life is RAA’s vision for a safe, sustainable and accessible transport system to meet the needs of all South Australians.

The challenge facing South Australia is the need to accommodate our mobility needs while, at the same time, recognising and addressing the negative impacts of motor vehicle travel.

Mobility for life cover

RAA believes this can be achieved by:

  • better planned and implemented urban development
  • access to alternative transport modes
  • greener and safer vehicles
  • sustainable transport options

Mobility for Life focuses on all aspects of mobility – safety, sustainability and accessibility across all modes including motoring, cycling, walking and public transport for all South Australians through the various stages of their lives and for their entire lives.


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