Towards 2020

Towards 2020 is the update to RAA's highly publicised Backwater to Benchmark vision for South Australia's roads released in November 2005.

Released in April 2009, Towards 2020 is an independent review into South Australia's strategic road network that prioritises the infrastructure projects needed to bring the State's road network up to an acceptable standard.

While advances have been made in South Australia since 2005, Towards 2020 identifies that there is still a long way to go in reducing the pressure currently placed on the road network.

The pace of progress on South Road despite commitments by the Federal Government, the continued underspend on maintaining the road network and the lack of recognition for the need to duplicate Victor Harbor Road, remain major issues of concern.

The centrepiece of Towards 2020 is the completion of a non-stop, north-south corridor for metropolitan Adelaide - the number one priority reaffirmed by our members through a survey in late 2008 and shared by other key stakeholders in transport.

Other urban priorities Towards 2020 identified include:

  • Victor Harbor Road upgrade
  • Inner City Ring Route
  • Increasing maintenance funding

Priority treatments identified for SA's rural corridors include:

  • Increasing maintenance funding
  • Upgrading roadside rest areas
  • Road widening
  • Protection of roadside hazards
  • Installation of median barriers
  • Bypasses of major towns
  • Duplication of heavily trafficked routes

In assessing the State's road network, Towards 2020 followed a set criteria encompassing the assessment of the pavement condition, reviewing each routes AusRAP - Star Rating and Level of Service and drivability based on RAA Member feedback and road safety auditor analysis.

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