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Have you ever been told that all Insurance is the same? Well whoever said that has obviously not heard of Aussie Assist - which offers you 24 hour medical, travel and family emergency assistance - free as part of your comprehensive insurance policy.

If you and your family are more than 100km from home, even if you're not driving we will cover you with 24 hour medical, travel and family emergency assistance as part of your Comprehensive Car Insurance.

The Aussie Assist Service - how it works and who it covers

When your vehicle is covered by RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance, you are covered by Aussie Assist at no extra cost. You will receive an RAA Aussie Assist Card which will be sent with your comprehensive insurance information.

Medical Advice

What happens if you are in an unfamiliar place, or far from home when you or a member of your family falls ill or becomes injured? RAA Aussie Assist is on the other end of the emergency toll free number with qualified doctors and nurses to assist and advise. They can give you first aid information over the phone and help with health enquiries. If you need to see a doctor or be admitted to hospital, they can organise everything you need in the Referral and Monitoring service.

They can also:

  • refer you to a local doctor or even help organise admission to hospital and monitor your medical treatment.
  • contact your family doctor to transfer medical records or important information, and get in contact with your family and friends
  • take care of your transport needs in emergency medical cases
  • arrange for a family member to be brought to the hospital with all travel expenses paid
  • arrange for you or your family to be moved back to a local hospital
  • take care of accommodation and transportation back home for family travelling with you

Travel Assistance

You don't have to become ill or injured to need help when travelling. RAA Aussie Assist understands and is there to help with a range of problems.

For example, if you miss a flight contact RAA Aussie Assist immediately and we can rebook your flight and any connections, saving you time, money and worry.

Emergency assistance if your vehicle or money is stolen

What if you're miles from home and your car is stolen? Or someone makes off with your wallet, purse or bag, with all your holiday money and credit cards? RAA Aussie Assist will arrange emergency accommodation and transport to get you home. And we can also organise a transfer from your own funds and help with cancellation of your credit cards - even send urgent messages for you to your friends, relatives and associates to keep them in touch with what's happening.

Read the PDS for Aussie Assist.

The information included in this website and in our brochures is a summary and is intended as a guide only. Each section should be read subject to the full terms, conditions and exclusions as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). RAA Insurance products are issued by RAA Insurance Limited, ABN 14 007 872 602, AFS Licence No. 232525.

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