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Alarm monitoring options

With a monitored RAA home security system your property is monitored for fire, burglary, intrusion and duress situations.
Smoke and fire detection from our Grade A1 rated monitoring centre. We also offer wireless monitoring for those without a landline or on the NBN. 

We're local

RAA's Monitoring Emergency Response Centre is based right here in Adelaide, so you can be sure you'll always speak to a local.

Burglary and intrusion

Your RAA home security system can include perimeter protection, which means you can have certain doors and windows armed, whilst still being able to move freely within your home. This provides great protection, especially against intruders at night while you and your family are sleeping.


All RAA home security systems feature an easy to use LCD keypad. The RAA keypad has a duress key which at the touch of a button will alert the RAA Monitoring Centre of an intruder in the home.


Wireless Monitoring

No landline required! If you don't have a landline or are on the NBN, wireless monitoring is for you. Wireless monitoring uses the GPRS network to provide 24 hour coverage with no need to rely on a traditional landline telephone.

Smoke Detectors

Hard-wired smoke detectors which are incorporated into a monitored home security system provide the best fire protection for your home. If the alarm is triggered whilst you're not at home or asleep, the RAA Monitoring Centre will alert you and the authorities (unlike a standard smoke detector which will beep without contacting anyone).

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