Personal Alert System

How does it work?

Our Personal Alert System provides immediate assistance whether it is a medical or distress situation. A built-in speaker in the monitoring unit connects you direct to RAA Monitoring Emergency Response Centre staff who you can talk to about the type of assistance you require.

The Personal Alert System is made up of four key components:

1. Personal Alert Monitoring Unit

PAS hand and unit

The monitoring unit is easy to use and has a battery back-up so it continues to work in the event of a power failure. Installation is completed easily by yourself, or by our qualified technicians.


2. Nominated contact persons

personal alert contacts

Your medical details and priorities for emergency help are recorded when the unit is installed. In an emergency, we will automatically send an ambulance if we can't verify the situation or quickly locate the person you've nominated.

3. Personal Alert Pendant

Personal Alert System in Home 1(1).jpg


The pendants are easy to use and water resistant and can be used in medical emergencies or any distress situation. If you are afraid that someone may be breaking into your home or if a fire has broken out, one press of the button will put you in voice contact with a staff member at the Monitoring Emergency Response Centre.


4. Monitoring Emergency Response Centre at RAA, Mile End, South Australia

Monitoring Centre

The Monitoring Emergency Response Centre is owned and operated by the RAA and has caring staff ready to help when assistance is required.

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Personal Alert System

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