Road Service Levels

Plus Road Service

RAA Plus provides you with extended benefits, whether you're just travelling around town or in the country. Find out more in the table below or buy RAA Plus Road Service online now.

24 hour Road ServiceUnlimited
Service entitlement from designated country depotsUp to 100 km
Towing MetroUp to 20 km
Towing Country*Up to 100 km
Second tow 
Heavy vehicle towing equipment 
 Battery discount  
LocksmithUp to $38.50 
per incident 
Everywhere - When over 100km from home
Emergency accommodation1 night
Accommodation after breakdown**3 nights
Emergency hire car 
Hire car after breakdown***3 days
Hire car only (no other benefits)5 days
Passenger transport after vehicle recovery 
By coach
Pet transport after vehicle recovery 
Vehicle recovery 
Caravan Cover
Emergency accommodation1 night
Accommodation after breakdown**3 nights
Special towing equipment 

* Country towing is to the designated Country Service Depot
** Emergency accommodation is included in the stated benefit
*** Emergency rental car is included in the stated benefit

In the first year of your Plus Road Service policy,  the cumulative value of benefits exceeding the standard Road Service entitlements you are eligible for is $1,100, increasing up to $2,200 in each subsequent year of your Plus policy.

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Conditions, distance and monetary limits may apply. Please refer to the Road Service Guide for more information.

RAA Road Service Guide

Download the guide to your personal Road Service Entitlements. 

RAA Plus Road Service

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