Road Service Levels

Terms of Membership

The following outlines the obligations, terms and conditions you should be aware of as an RAA Member. All RAA Members are bound by the Association’s Constitution and by any specific terms and conditions imposed under the Constitution.

The RAA Constitution is available online or can be obtained by telephoning 08 8202 4549.

Membership fees

Upon receipt of the Entrance Fee and/or Subscription Fee by RAA, you are recorded as an RAA Member. The Entrance fee is only charged once, provided your membership does not lapse, however in some circumstances this may be waived*.

Subscription fees are payable in advance, with rates applicable to the various classes of RAA Membership set and approved by the Board of Directors. No pensioner or other concessions are applicable to Subscription fees.

* When joining on the road the Entrance Fee cannot be waived, the minimum level of cover is Plus Membership, and an additional Service Fee is payable.

Changing membership details

Only the named member or person authorised by the named member may request a change in membership details. Certain changes in member personal details may require the lodgement of documented proof prior to actioning by RAA.

Cancellation of membership

A member may cancel their membership at any time by providing either verbal or written notification to RAA, provided both the individual making the request and the membership concerned can be positively verified. Cancellation of membership cannot be back-dated.

Refund policy

Entrance Fees and Subscription Fees are non-refundable. Pro-rata refunds are not available.

Upon written request, any unexpired or unused membership subscriptions, at the date of cancellation, may be transferred to another current RAA Member.

If you upgrade your level of membership, the entire Subscription Fee applicable to that upgraded level of membership will be payable, and any unused or unexpired portion of the previous membership class will be credited at renewal.

Lapsing of membership

Where a member’s subscription is overdue, access to membership services and benefits may be denied pending payment of any outstanding subscription or other fees.

Any member whose subscription is overdue for more than three (3) months will cease to be an RAA Member and will not be entitled to access any benefits and entitlements of membership. At the discretion of RAA, and upon payment of outstanding and overdue subscription fees and other charges, a person may have their membership reinstated.

Refusal of service

Any member engaging in abusive conduct or acting fraudulently may have their membership suspended or may be refused service pending further investigation.

Fair Use Policy

RAA Road Service is a vehicle breakdown service aimed at providing members with timely assistance in the event of an unexpected mechanical or electrical fault or failure of the vehicle being driven.  It is intended to minimise the inconvenience of a vehicle breakdown through timely attendance, professional diagnosis and temporary repair wherever possible.

The service is not an alternative to regular routine maintenance of a vehicle and all members are required to maintain their vehicle in good working order and roadworthy condition.

RAA reserves the right to limit or refuse to provide services or entitlements to any member where, in the opinion of RAA, the member’s use of services or entitlement is excessive, unreasonable or not reasonable required by the member in the circumstances.

The terms and conditions of RAA Plus and Premium membership provide unlimited Road Service call-outs, however this is qualified by reference to a limitation where service may be refused if service has been provided ”on an excessive number of occasions in relation to a single recurring vehicle fault” that the member has failed to rectify.

Without limiting the circumstances in which RAA may apply this policy, RAA will apply this policy if any use of services or entitlements by any member is considered by RAA to be fraudulent or adversely affecting the provision of services or entitlements to other members.

Service in Country Areas

For breakdowns outside of the metropolitan area, Road Service will be provided by the designated RAA Country Service Depot for that location. Free service and towing benefits will be calculated from the location of the designated RAA Country Service Depot servicing the breakdown area.


Termination of membership

Any member who abuses, offends or puts at risk any RAA staff member or any contractor in the carrying out of their usual duties may be charged with conduct detrimental to RAA. In such cases the Board of Directors has the power to expel the person from membership of RAA. On expulsion from the Association, the member forfeits all rights and claims on RAA.

Suspending your membership

As a financial member of RAA you may apply in writing to have your membership suspended for a period of up to two (2) years. This may be appropriate where personal circumstances are such that you temporarily do not require access to the entitlements and benefits of membership. Absentee Membership is granted solely at the discretion of RAA.

If granted Absentee Membership, you will be required to surrender your Membership Card or Membership Key Tag and all of your membership obligations, entitlements and rights will be temporarily suspended. You will not be able to access or utilise any membership related benefits or services during the period of suspension. At the expiration of the suspension period, or earlier if advised by you, you will revert back to your previous level of membership and your membership identification will be re-issued.

Continuous years of membership

Being an ongoing RAA Member brings with it additional benefit entitlements. To access these additional benefits, membership must be maintained as financial without interruption. RAA will also recognise and or credit additional membership years (for the purpose of determining continuous years of membership) where a person transfers a current membership of an interstate affiliated motoring club to RAA.

Reciprocal services

RAA Members have access to Road Service throughout Australia through motoring organisations affiliated with RAA. Service will be provided to you under the conditions applicable to the affiliated motoring organisation’s equivalent class/level of membership.

Membership verification/validation

All RAA Members are issued with a personal, unique membership number, and official membership identification, in the form of a Membership Card or Membership Key Tag. Membership Cards and Membership Key Tags remain the property of RAA and are not transferable. Membership Cards are not valid until signed by you.

The Membership Card is not a credit card and does not provide any explicit benefits in its own right, but rather is purely for identification purposes. The Membership Card or Membership Key Tag should be presented in all dealings with the RAA or when accessing Member services or entitlements.

In circumstances where you are unable to produce your membership identification, you may be required to provide alternative forms of identification or certify your entitlement to service in writing. In some cases, a commercial service fee may be charged. If membership is subsequently confirmed, such fees and charges will be reimbursed to the extent of your membership entitlement.

Any benefit obtained by presenting the card or key tag may be subject to separate terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

RAA is not liable for any malfunction of the Membership Card, nor for any unauthorised use of the card, or delays in issuing or replacing the card. You must notify RAA immediately if your membership identification is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Voting rights

Although there are various classes of membership, only financial Full and Life members of RAA have the right to vote in Board Elections and at meetings of the Association.

Personal information use & disclosure

RAA abides by the National Privacy Principles within the Privacy Act (as amended). For further details regarding RAA’s Privacy Policy please refer to the RAA Privacy Policy Statement.