More About Car Batteries

Battery Maintenance Tips

To get the longest possible life out of your battery, simply follow these tips:

  • Keep battery terminals clean and dry at all times.
  • Maintain fluid levels but never over-fill your battery.
  • Distilled water is recommended for topping up your battery.
  • Never leave your battery standing for long periods without being charged.
  • Secure your battery. Vibrations can damage the battery plates.
  • Don’t drain your battery by leaving lights or accessories on.
  • Read your owner's manual before disconnecting your battery to ensure that computer or radio memories are not lost.

If it is time for a replacement battery, RAA Road Service Members can phone Road Service on 13 11 11 and a patrol will deliver and fit one for you at no extra cost. Alternatively you can visit an RAA Battery Service Centre to pick one up. Locate your nearest Battery Service Centre. Installation costs may apply.

And don't forget - Plus and Premium Road Service Members receive $20 discount off the cost of all batteries.

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