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RAA has a range of quality batteries to fit all of your needs. We supply Car, 4WD and Marine Batteries. RAA Road Service Members receive free delivery and installation of car and 4WD Batteries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone 13 11 11 for service.

Car Batteries

Car batteries come in a variety of sizes and quality standards. It is important to consider if the battery has the proper rating for your car.

The battery rating is stamped on the battery casing or you may get the information from the owner's manual. It is important to make sure that the battery can be secured in your car. If the battery you buy is too small or too big, you may not be able to clamp it in.

An unsecured battery can damage the internal plates leading to a battery that will not function properly or last as long as it should.

You should also consider the length of warranty you would prefer as RAA car batteries are available in a range of three types: Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Premium. All RAA Batteries have nationwide warranty, ranging from 12 to 36 months. An RAA Patrol will recommend the right battery for your needs.

RAA has a range of these batteries to fit any car. RAA Road Service Members can phone 13 11 11 for free delivery and installation or visit an RAA Battery Service Centre. Installation costs may apply.

4WD Batteries

RAA can now offer a complete range of extra heavy duty four wheel drive batteries from the latest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) battery types, incorporating calcium constructed positive and negative grids to the very earliest Lead Antimony types. All batteries have convenient carry handles

Some types are entirely maintenance free for the life of the battery, others are maintenance accessible for peace of mind. All RAA branded four wheel drive batteries carry a full 2 year nationwide warranty.

We deliver and install four wheel drive batteries free to RAA Road Service Members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week simply by phoning 13 11 11, or find your nearest Battery Service Centre.


Marine Batteries

RAA offers a complete range of marine starting and marine cycling batteries for work boats and pleasure craft.

All RAA marine batteries are designed with glass mat separators and dual fit terminals. RAA marine cycling batteries carry a 12 month warranty giving ultimate peace of mind for work boat applications and house lighting / communication demands.

RAA marine batteries are available from RAA Battery Service Centres.


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