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2002 Holden VY Commodore

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RAA Review

New price 02 Exec V6 Auto Sedan $31,650.03 Calais V6 Auto Sedan $48,690.ANCAP rating – VY Exec 4 StarsGreen Vehicle scores- V6 engine 3 stars CO2- 269 gramsThe ubiquitous Holden Commodore has been the quintessential family transport or fleet work horse for decades so finding one in the used car market or government auctions has never been a problem. This is also an asset in that nearly every workshop in the city or country can repair them.

With seating and space for luggage for 5 adults and a towing capacity of over 2 tonnes, either the sedan or wagon are just ideal for the family who likes to hitch up the caravan for a weekend away. The VY Commodore was released in late 2002 with upgrades about a year later before being succeeded by the VZ model in mid 2004 and because so many were sold there will be a body style, engine and specification combination out there in used car land to suit your needs. As a general rule the middle Acclaim models are often the better value proposition because besides the standard dual air bags, ABS, cruise control, central locking/remote, power mirrors, power steering, power front windows, power drivers seat, CD player and trip computer it also came with air conditioning, 15 inch alloy wheels, side front air bags and traction control. The Calais had all the bells and whistles and on luxury standard features they are comparable to the good European brands.

The range was available with either V6 or V8 and all except the supercharged V6 use Regular Unleaded Petrol and their output varied based on whether they were a sports model or not. With fuel consumptions of about 10 L/100 for the V6 and 14 L/100 for the V8 and supercharged V6 the fuel bills will not be nice - but they are still better than 4WDs. If you are considering a VY that has had an LPG conversions check to see if it has hardened valve seats fitted as they may suffer valve seat recession requiring cylinder head repairs at a cost of $2,000 - $2,500.By the time Holden got the VY model they had sorted most of the problems out that the predecessors had but they were still a horror for having brake rotor problems that could cost between $450 and $600 to sort out. This shudder - mainly noticeable on long braking events like coming down the freeway or South Rd - seems to be predominantly a city car problem probably because city drivers are on and off the brakes more. So, make sure you test drive any used Commodore you are contemplating buying, and while on the road test if you notice a light steering shudder while turning at low speed it is less of a cost issue than the brake problem, and may be reduced just using an additive formulated for the power steering fluid.


Multi-point Fuel Injection
Regular Unleaded
10 (manual)
152kW @ 5,200 rpm
305Nm @ 3,600 rpm
4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual
6.0Jx15 (Exec)
205/65 R15 (Exec)
Conventional spare wheel
Power assisted rack & pinion
75 litres

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