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Which one of these must give way?

In this T-intersection, car A is on the terminating road and so must give way to all vehicles approaching from either direction on the continuing road, including the cyclist who is turning right.

Which one of these must give way?

Car A is facing a give way sign and must give way to vehicles coming from any other direction.

Which one of these must give way?

On a road when two lines of traffic merge into one line, this is called a zip merge. In a zip merge the vehicle that is behind, in this case Car A, has to give way to any vehicle that is ahead of it.

Which one of these must give way?

When turning at an intersection, Car B must give way to any pedestrian crossing the road that it is turning into.

Which one of these must give way?

Car B is turning right and so has to give way to all oncoming vehicles, including Car A who is turning left.

You wish to turn left at an intersection and the traffic lights are green. There are vehicles already in the intersection, what should you do?

You should expect this sign-

You should angle park-

If you are convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level that is over the limit for your licence, you could lose your driver's licence. You may also-

What is this driver doing that is negligent and illegal?

What should you do when approaching traffic lights which change from green to yellow?

Where there is parallel kerbside parking, are you allowed to double park alongside a parked vehicle?

If you intend to turn left, are you required to give a signal?

At a pedestrian crossing you must-

As a provisional driver, how many standard alcoholic drinks can you have immediately prior to driving?


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