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FREE Pilot Program

Do you forget to have your car serviced regularly? Or do you have trouble understanding the work your mechanic recommends during a service?

RAA wants to help make it as easy as possible for you to look after your car.

We’ve launched a pilot program for Road Service Members who would like some independent vehicle maintenance advice they can rely on.

Upon joining the pilot program, we’ll record all of the details about your car.

We’ll contact you to let you know your car’s due for a service, and if the mechanic finds any extra repair work is needed they’ll call our experts first, so that we can tell you if the work is necessary and fairly priced.

The pilot’s open to Road Service Members right across South Australia, in both regional and metropolitan areas.

It’s free to participate, but places are limited.

To apply to join the OurCar pilot program, call 1800 13 11 11 or email the team via 

Got a car related question?

Contact our technical advisory service for an answer to your motoring related question.

Phone 8202 4689 Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5.00pm and Saturday 9.00am - 12.00pm or enquire online