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Fatigue accounts for up to eighty two per cent of serious casualty crashes in rural areas, so it's extremely important you take a break every two hours when you're driving long distances.

South Australia is a large state with long distances between major towns and cities. Becoming familiar with the route we travel or being experienced at driving long distances will not stop the effects of fatigue.

No matter how well you plan, the most critical part of the trip – depending where and when to stop – is usually left to the ‘empty’ gauge on the fuel tank or when someone gets hungry. Even if you don't feel tired, you still need to take a break every two hours.

Don’t wait for the next town or a petrol station, use the regularly spaced rest areas along most major roads, which offer a place to take a break away from the traffic. 

But how do you know where the closest rest stop is?

RAA's Rest Stop Locator App allows you to browse rest stops and their facilities on major routes through South Australia.

The app is available to download from iTunes.

Rest Stop Locator

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