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Road Service for bicycles


Your RAA Road Service cover now gives you around the clock assistance for your bicycle in the event of a mechanical failure or a puncture. In the unlikely situation that we cannot repair your bicycle, we will arrange a taxi to transport you and your bicycle to a place of safety or repair.


  • Included with all levels of Road Service cover - Premium, Plus & Standard
  • Taxi arranged for up to a maximum of $55 per annum
  • Bicycle road service provided to children under 18 who are riding along with a RAA Road Service holder

In country serviced areas, where transport is provided by the designated RAA Country Service Depot, towing benefits will be as per your Road Service product distances.

Please note: The taxi benefit can only be used once per incident and is separate from the RAA Premium taxi benefit after vehicle breakdown/towing.

Refer to the Road Service Guide for full details


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