Road Service Options

Road Service for groups



RAA provides the option for up to five Road Service members to be grouped together, providing discounts on Road Service policies and simple management of billing and policy renewals.

As RAA Road Service policies cover the individual and not the vehicle, Road Service groups are a great option for families or circles of friends; ensuring everyone is covered in the unfortunate and stressful event of a breakdown.

How Road Service groups work:

  • An individual from the group is nominated as the Primary Card Holder. This person is financially responsible for the group and all renewal communication is sent to the nominated individual on behalf of all members of the group.
  • Up to four subsequent individuals can be added to the group. Each subsequent individual added to the group receives a $10 discount on their Road Service cover.
  • Each individual is considered an RAA member in their own right and will receive their own membership card and be entitled to all RAA member benefits.
  • Individuals within the group can select different levels of Road Service cover to suit their driving habits and needs.

Important things to know:

  • Existing Road Service policy holders are able to create a new group or be added to an existing group.
  • The Primary Card Holder pays the normal Road Service cover level price; subsequent group members receive a $10 discount at policy renewal.

How do I create or join a Road Service group?

Click on the respective links below to create or join an existing Road Service group.

Create a new group

Join an existing group

Alternatively, call us on 8202 4610 or drop into your local RAA Shop.