NBN & your Home Security System

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is being introduced across Australia. This will affect your security system if you are being monitored via your telephone line. If you already have wireless monitoring, you will not be affected at all.

NBN Co. has recently released a 3 year construction plan, which can be accessed here.

Below is a diagram explaining how the NBN can connect your home.

nbn_Fibre Home Diagram_low res_Oct 15

So what do I do?

The best option to ensure your security system will continue to work after the copper network has been switched off is to choose wireless monitoring – basically bypassing the NBN altogether.

RAA has a special deal on a wireless communicator for our current monitored customers. Contact us on 8202 4671 or here to find out more.

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Why is wireless monitoring the best solution?

We have done extensive testing in consultation with NBN Co. (the government company responsible for the roll-out of the NBN), and although your system MAY work over the NBN using a Uni V Port (i.e. a ‘voice’ port, which functions similar to the normal telephone line), this cannot be guaranteed.

What about the Uni V Port?

Some security companies may tell you to choose an internet service which includes a Uni V Port to ensure your monitoring will continue as normal, however not even NBN Co. will guarantee that this will work. Including a Uni V Port in your service agreement also often costs more than basic internet services.

RAA’s recommendation – wireless monitoring

RAA recommends updating your system to wireless monitoring, so that it completely bypasses the NBN. Although there is a small outlay for the wireless communicator, in the long term it will save you money on paying for the Uni V Port, and we can be confident it will work without relying on NBN services.

Not monitored by RAA?

If you are monitored by a company other than RAA, the best thing to do is contact your monitoring company and ask what your service requires. Alternatively, we are happy to come to your place and give you a recommendation to switch your monitoring to RAA. If you’re already an RAA Member, you might even be eligible for discounts on your monitoring.


Please contact our customer service team on 8202 4671 or email us at security@raa.com.au. We’re happy to help you out.

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