Home Security Monitoring

Home Security Monitoring Via a Wireless Sim Card

Monitoring at RAA

RAA is proud to have our monitoring centre located at our head office right here in Adelaide. Our staff members are all locals, and are proud to assist RAA members in times of need.

gold_member(1).jpgOur monitoring centre is Grade A1 and accredited by ASIAL, which is the peak security body in Australia. You can be assured that we’ll always respond quickly and appropriately in any emergency situation.




Wireless monitoring

Traditionally security systems were monitored through a home telephone line, but new technology means that the best method of home security monitoring is now via a wireless communicator, using a SIM card.

So this means we can monitor your home, even if you don’t have a landline.

If you choose wireless monitoring, you’ll also be future-proofing your security system against any NBN related technology issues. (For more information on how the NBN will affect your security system, click here).

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