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Loveday’s Internees – the other prisoners of war
Monday, 30th Mar 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Riverland

"As some of the top chefs from Paris and London had been interned, gruel rarely appeared on the menu."

"...many of these old vans are still out there on the highways and back roads, providing their owners with as much joy as our little 15 footer gave us."

Moralana Scenic Drive, Flinders Ranges
Thursday, 12th Mar 2015 by John Pedler

"If you find yourself on the eastern side of the drive shortly after sunrise then you’re in for a real treat, and in the late afternoon the western wall of the Pound really fires up."

"The condition of the property is remarkable, and it wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary if Ursula and her friends suddenly emerged from the drawing room after tea and a chinwag."

"The obvious attraction is no flights – that of course means no visas, no passports and most importantly no airports."