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The little SA town with a big history
Thursday, 22nd Jan 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Fleurieu Peninsula

"The T-section at the end of the old jetty is a hangout for huge schools of fish."

If there’s a must-see attraction in Vietnam, this is it.
Friday, 16th Jan 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Asia

"No matter how many photos you’ve seen, there’s little than can prepare you for the thrill of drifting through this incredible landscape."

Hoi An, Vietnam - port of call on the Maritime Silk Road
Monday, 12th Jan 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Asia

"The traditional architecture has remained intact to the point that the town almost resembles a theme village of the Sovereign Hill variety, but Hoi An is the real deal."

Phu Quoc Island is all grown up.
Friday, 2nd Jan 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Asia

"My how things have changed, particularly over the past two years since I last took a dip in the warm waters that lap Phu Quoc’s sandy shores."

Party time in the Vietnam countryside
Thursday, 18th Dec 2014 by John Pedler
Categories: Asia

"Beyond the tight cluster of houses, separated by narrow lanes, I can see the summery green of rice paddies, the quintessential mark of rural Vietnam."