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On the move - so many ways to travel.
Thursday, 21st Aug 2014 by John Pedler
Categories: Family

Planes, trains and automobiles...and camels, rickshaws and many ways to get around.

Phuket, Thailand…a little bit of paradise.
Thursday, 14th Aug 2014 by Jessica Skinner
Categories: Asia

"You'll also get the chance to meet some baby elephants and see how they are trained by their mahouts who develop a lifelong association with their animals."

Northern Territory - Ten things you may not know.
Thursday, 7th Aug 2014 by John Pedler
Categories: Northern Territory

"Scientists believe that around 142 million years ago an icy comet about 600m across slammed into central Australia..."

"Far from being a quaint symbol of a bygone era, the red and white striped barbers’ pole actually represents blood and bandages."

Glenelg - Ten things you may not know.
Thursday, 24th Jul 2014 by John Pedler
Categories: Family

"In the early days of the colony, bathing in the sea was strictly regulated...women were required to clamber aboard a small hut known as a bathing machine."