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Fleurieu Peninsula

The little SA town with a big history
Thursday, 22nd Jan 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Fleurieu Peninsula

"The T-section at the end of the old jetty is a hangout for huge schools of fish."

Just a stone's throw from the CBD you can find yourself deep in the Adelaide Hills bush or among the glacial wreckage of Hallett Cove.

Onkeeta Trail, Kuitpo Forest
Thursday, 20th Feb 2014 by John Pedler

"One thing you’re likely to experience on the Onkeeta Trail is solitude."

The Golden Hills - Jupiter Creek mines
Thursday, 9th Jan 2014 by John Pedler

"...grab a torch and head into the 80 metre long New Phoenix Adit, before climbing out of the shaft at the other end."

"When the great ice sheets melted they left behind the sort of wreckage which these days would probably incur a stiff council fine."