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"Far from being a quaint symbol of a bygone era, the red and white striped barbers’ pole actually represents blood and bandages."

Glenelg - Ten things you may not know.
Thursday, 24th Jul 2014 by John Pedler
Categories: Family

"In the early days of the colony, bathing in the sea was strictly regulated...women were required to clamber aboard a small hut known as a bathing machine."

"...I recommend trying the peanut butter and jelly pizza or maybe worms and dirt (chocolate mousse with gummy worm lollies) – only in America!"

The changing face of Adelaide- Historic Hindmarsh
Thursday, 10th Jul 2014 by John Pedler
Categories: Family

"The project proved too expensive and we’re now left with an unusual parkland sandwiched between six lanes of traffic."

"The sheer volume of material on display at the Maritime Village makes a visit to Flagstaff Hill worthwhile, even for those with only a mild interest in our colonial history."