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Indian Pacific rail service - Perth to Adelaide
Thursday, 30th May 2013 by John Pedler
Categories: Western Australia

Traversing the barren Nullarbor Plain and a vast desert dunefield, the Indian Pacific is one of the world's great rail journeys.

Yorke Peninsula, Part 7 - Corny Point to Point Turton
Thursday, 23rd May 2013 by John Pedler
Categories: Yorke Peninsula

"...keen snorkelers have been known to bag one or two crayfish from the offshore reefs."

"Although they look like something a giant cow might leave behind after a good feed, their ancestors' extraordinary contribution to life on earth has earned them their due respect."

"At Jurien Bay the ocean’s clear waters wash onto the glistening white sands of a picture-perfect beach."

"New Norcia is still a living, breathing monastic community."