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Weird and Wonderful - The Living Reef, Daydream Island.
Wednesday, 5th Sep 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Queensland

"Then the shovel nose turned up to add another layer of weirdness to the whole slippery mass."

When the family wagon just won't do.

Freezing and Steaming in NZ's South Island - Part 2
Wednesday, 22nd Aug 2012 by Jennifer Blake
Categories: Family New Zealand

"The teenagers had caught me at a weak moment, so I wore my ‘not convinced’ face as I agreed to head off first thing in the morning for a day on the slopes of Mountt Hutt."

"For truly stunning views of the reef’s patchwork of colours you can head for the skies on a scenic flight."

Luxury on the Line - Queensland's Sunlander rail service
Wednesday, 8th Aug 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Queensland

"The huge window reveals a fair chunk of Queensland, a view that constantly changes throughout the trip."