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Trekking Kyrgyzstan's 'Heavenly Mountains'
Wednesday, 28th Nov 2012 by Penny Gale
Categories: Asia

"We scaled up the side of a mountain dodging rocks, walked stone covered glaciers and crossed seas of white ice that crackled like gravel under foot."

Getting into hot water - Hepburn mineral springs
Wednesday, 21st Nov 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Victoria

"Heated to around 32°C this indoor pool has picture windows overlooking the surrounding bushland."

Crabbing, Part 2 - Drop nets on Yorkes
Thursday, 15th Nov 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Family Yorke Peninsula

The sequel to the blog, "Crabbing - a day out with a tasty reward."

"From the Art Nouveau inspired Empire dining hall to the Egyptian-themed theatre to the heart-of-the-jungle Promenade, this is a ship that’s more about whimsy than pretension."

5 Outback 'wow' locations
Wednesday, 31st Oct 2012 by John Pedler

"When it fully reveals itself, you’re faced with a feature that so totally dominates the landscape it’s like nothing else exists."

Crossing the Continent - The Ghan
Wednesday, 24th Oct 2012 by John Pedler

Cross the country on one of the world's great rail journeys.

A Work of Art - The Convent Gallery, Daylesford
Wednesday, 17th Oct 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Victoria

"The honey colours of the polished Baltic pine floors combined with clever lighting and a diverse range of exhibits makes for a fascinating experience."

First Past the Post - meet horse racing's living legends.
Wednesday, 10th Oct 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Victoria

Meet and greet some true champions.

Sport, another reason to travel.
Wednesday, 3rd Oct 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Europe Family

"It’s a great way to meet locals and see parts of the world that may have otherwise gone unseen."

Down the Rabbit Hole - The sinkholes of Mount Gambier
Wednesday, 26th Sep 2012 by John Pedler
Categories: Limestone Coast

"Further exploration by highly trained cave divers has revealed a 600 metre long subterranean wonderland of lakes, air chambers and passageways."