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Travel, when things can only get better.
Thursday, 7th Nov 2013 by John Pedler
Categories: Europe Family

"As we drove along chatting they happily prepared a hazelnut feast."

Secrets of Adelaide, Part 2 - Himeji Garden
Thursday, 31st Oct 2013 by John Pedler

"A gift from Adelaide’s Japanese sister city, Himeji, this is a place of utter tranquillity on the edge of the CBD."

Trekking Armenia, where Christianity found a home.
Friday, 25th Oct 2013 by Penny Gale
Categories: Asia

" We saw nomads driving sheep and cattle across expansive plains to graze in the last days of summer, and heard mountain dogs barking at night to ward off wolves."

" kids it just means great train rides along the 1200 metres of track that runs around the property."

Little Para River Trail - the other linear park
Thursday, 10th Oct 2013 by John Pedler
Categories: Family Cycling

Linking together a series of leafy parks and reserves, the Little Para River Trail is one of South Australia's great cycling and walking trails.