Help us fight the petrol tax hike

RAA Senior Manager, Mark Borlace, said the fuel excise is nothing more than a cash grab.

“The Federal Government already collects more from motorists than it spends on roads and transport, so there is no basis for a tax hike.

“Last year’s budget estimated the Federal Government would collect around $15 billion from motorists through the fuel excise, and that only $3.9 billion would be spent on roads.

“This proposed tax is basically a GST by stealth – and it will hit the wallets of every Australian.

“Under these proposals, every time you fill up at the bowser, you will essentially give the federal government a gold coin donation on top of the cost of the fuel,” said Mr Borlace.

What are we doing? RAA, along with the nation's motoring clubs, met with the Federal Government to oppose the tax to get a better deal for motorists.

What can you do? Help us put pressure on the Federal Government by emailing your local Member directly and say no to the fuel tax increase.

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We have 600,000 members, and 600,000 emails has the potential to put enormous pressure on the government.