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RAA Crash Report shows most crashes avoidable

Wednesday, 22nd Mar 2017

RAA Insurance released its annual Crash Report today showing one third of all crashes are rear-enders and most crashes could have been avoided.

Over 1100 South Australians provided their data and RAA Insurance Claims Manager, Hayley Cain said rear end crashes account for a third (33 per cent) of all crashes, followed by side swipe at 21 per cent.

“The third most common crash type is hitting a parked car (12 per cent) with hitting a fixed object coming a close fourth. The most worrying aspect of the report is that 82 percent of people felt that their crash could have been avoided.

“In addition over half of the crashes had carelessness as the number one contributing factor (56 per cent) with driver distraction coming in second at 21 per cent. We can certainly see how these factors would contribute to the most common types of crashes.

“Although external factors such as road and weather conditions contributed in 7 per cent of crashes, when we add other human controlled factors like distraction, speeding and fatigue, it is abundantly clear that drivers can be their own worst enemy on the roads.

“According to respondents, the number one way a crash could have been avoided was by paying more attention (73 per cent) or being more patient (22 per cent) and these results are a wakeup call to all drivers.

“We urge drivers to stay focused on the road no matter how experienced they are and to be considerate of other drivers at all times.

“You don’t know, and can’t control, whatever factors may be influencing another driver’s ability and behaviour behind the wheel, but you can certainly control the way you drive and respond to what is happening around you.

“These results also highlight the potential for driverless cars to reduce crash numbers by removing the human element.

“Driverless vehicles will certainly have major implications for the motor insurance industry and we, along with motoring bodies in Australia and around the world, are carefully considering what new technology will mean in coming years, says Ms Cain.

For a summary of Key Findings from RAA Insurance’s 2017 Crash Report click here

 Ranking of main factors contributing to crashes


  1. Carelessness
  2. Driver Distraction
  3. Traffic congestion
  4. Inexperience
  5. Disobeying road rules
  6. Road conditions
  7. Speed
  8. Weather Conditions
  9. Animals
  10. Tailgating
  11. Driver Fatigue
  12. Alcohol or drugs


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