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Holiday drivers unaware of risk

Wednesday, 12th Apr 2017

New research from RAA Insurance shows almost half of people don’t know what their insurance covers them for while they are on a driving holiday.

As people prepare for Easter and school holiday road trips it’s concerning that so many of them don’t know the risk they may be taking with regards to their vehicle and property, with younger people especially unaware says Hayley Cain, RAA Insurance Claims Manager.

“Our research shows 43 per cent of people don’t know what insurance cover they have for vehicle damage or theft when they are on a holiday road trip and this decreases to only 23 per cent for younger drivers.

“Most people don’t consider insurance when they are going on a road trip but it is important to think about the risk implications of their vehicle or property being stolen or damaged. You can’t just assume everything is the same as when you are at home.

“You’d be surprised how quickly the value of items you take with you like electronic devices, clothing and even toiletries can add up. If you are carrying things like bikes or kayaks, that increased the value even further so you need to check limits and make sure these items are covered.

“We’d also like people to be aware of opportunistic thieves who are ready to pounce on unlocked cars. After holiday periods we often see claims for items like handbags, cameras and GPS stolen from unlocked cars while people are unpacking it.

“Another major consideration is what would happen if the driver becomes incapacitated. We’ve had instances where families have been stranded on holiday because the sole driver becomes ill or injured.

“In this case, our motor vehicle insurance cover extends to emergency accommodation and transport but this may not be the case with all insurers.
“We strongly urge anyone planning an Easter road trip to check their existing insurance policy document to see what level of cover they will have once they are on the road and what backup they have if something goes wrong.

“It’s also important to think about the security of any property left at home - so make sure you lock up and put the kids’ bikes away in the garage before you leave,” says Ms Cain.

Road trip risk checklist
• Is your vehicle covered for damage and theft anywhere in Australia?
• Are any towed or attached items included in your insurance cover?
• Are your possessions covered for theft from the vehicle and what are the limits?
• Are all potential drivers of the vehicle included in the Insurance cover?
• What level of cover do you have if you can no longer drive due to illness or injury?
• What does your insurer provide in the event of death of the driver or a family member whilst travelling?
• Are your possessions able to be properly secured if you leave them inside or attached to your vehicle?
• Do you have roadside assistance if you break down?
• Is your insurance policy up to date for both your vehicle and home and contents?

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