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Safety Report shows home heroes ready to act

Tuesday, 16th May 2017

Would you confront a burglar or investigate a strange noise outside at night? RAA’s newly released 2017 Security Report* shows a surprising amount of home heroes ready to act to protect their own and their neighbour’s property.
Travis Murphy from RAA Secure Services, said the results show males are particularly more likely to respond to security threats with 58 per cent prepared to investigate a strange noise at night compared to the average of 41 per cent.
“Home invasion is an area where people are feeling increasingly threatened and it’s concerning that SAPOL statistics show a 7 per cent rise in Serious Criminal Trespass in the home**, whilst instances of other violent offences are decreasing.”
“Despite the obvious risks, 38 per cent of male respondents said they would actually confront a burglar at their home with 14 per cent of females saying the same.”
Mr Murphy also draws attention to the high levels of concern for the safety of neighbours with a quarter of all respondents saying they would always investigate an unknown person at a neighbour’s house – whilst 14 per cent said they’d be prepared to confront a burglar at their neighbour’s house. These numbers are again higher for male respondents.
The first thing Mr Murphy recommends to reduce the risk of being targeted by intruders is hardening the perimeter of your home. “You effectively make it harder to get into your property with things like locks, security doors, shutters or even a big dog.”
“Lighten the yard with auto lights or trimming foliage as criminals hate visibility - and CCTV can be a great deterrent. And always park your car in the garage if you can.
But if intruders do get into your property Mr Murphy urges homeowners to exercise caution and restraint, especially given that intruders may be armed or drug affected which greatly increases their unpredictability and volatility.
“Stay calm, give them what they want and try to keep some distance between you and them. Remember, the safety of you and your family is paramount,” says Mr Murphy.

RAA recommend all homeowners follow SAPOL’s advice when it comes to security threats.
• If you hear a disturbance outside, stay inside your home, turn the outside lights on and contact police on 131 444.
• If an intruder enters your home or property take a moment to ask yourself: am I putting myself or my family in danger? Could my actions make the situation worse? Is the person armed? Have police been notified?
• Remember, you don’t have to be physically involved to be of assistance. As an eyewitness you can provide crucial information such as the description of the suspect, vehicle details, any weapons, and direction of travel.
• If you are confronted by an offender, remain calm, and call police on Triple Zero (000) as soon as possible.

*RAA Security surveyed 899 RAA Members about their security concerns, actions and perspectives
** Offences Reported or becoming known to Police - March 2016- Feb 2017


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