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Large cars owners to pay more in 2017

Tuesday, 20th Jun 2017

Large car owners will pay significantly more on average to run their vehicles this year, according to RAA’s Cost of Vehicle Ownership survey.

Almost all vehicle segments – including the ever popular SUVs – showed lower costs compared to the previous two periods, with the exception of both large and electric cars.

RAA Senior Manager Future Mobility Mark Borlace said reduced running costs had contributed to lowering the cost of ownership, but running costs for large cars had still increased.

“Unfortunately, large car owners are paying an extra $73.49 a week on average to run their car compared to last year,” said Mr Borlace.

“The Holden Commodore Evoke continues to lead the way in the large car category, with its weekly running cost decreasing to $204.

“However, the others in its category are all more expensive to run, including the Toyota Aurion at $226 and Skoda Superb at $239.

“Electric car owners will likely experience higher running costs too, paying an extra $75.81 on average per week compared to last year.

“The Tesla Model X, an electric car, had the highest weekly cost of all segments at $496 per week.”

Aside from large car and electric car owners, many South Australians could find their cars are cheaper to run than ever before.

“The Suzuki Celerio, which sits in the micro segment, is once again the cheapest car to run at $95 per week,” said Mr Borlace.

“In the popular light vehicle class, the Suzuki Baleno edged out last year’s winner, the Mazda2, offering weekly costs of $118.

“The Kia Cerato remains top in the small vehicle class and is a substantial $13 per week cheaper to run than last year, while the Skoda Octavia leads the medium segment at $172 per week.”

With SUVs continuing to grow in popularity, motorists will be pleased to hear that their running costs have decreased too.

“The Suzuki Vitara is the cheapest small SUV to run at $142, which is a substantial $13 per week cheaper than last year’s winner, the Ford Ecosport,” said Mr Borlace.

“The Haval H6 is the cheapest medium SUV at $174 and the Subaru Outback 2.5i occupies the top spot again for large SUVs at $205, which is also $13 cheaper than last year.

“Leading the sports car segment, which was included in the survey for the first time this year, was the Mazda MX-5 at $189 per week.”

The results of the RAA survey are unique as they include depreciation, which many motorists don’t consider when buying a new car. Other costs such as fuel, insurance and registration, stamp duty, driver’s licence, RAA Membership, and ongoing servicing costs are also taken into consideration.

RAA calculations for the 2017 Cost of Vehicle Ownership survey are based on private ownership of a vehicle for a five-year period and driving an average of 12,000km each year. The data was collected in the period leading up to June 2017.

The full list of results is available at

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