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Action needed to drop the cost of road trauma

Monday, 11th Sep 2017

RAA, along with the AAA, is calling for greater government action on road safety after a new report revealed that road trauma costs the Australian economy almost $30 billion each year.

The new report: Cost of Road Trauma in Australia shows costs mainly occur in the form of loss of life and wellbeing, vehicle damage and disability care.

The report also details the cost of road crashes to government in the form of lost taxation, income support, and health and emergency services costs, which equate to a $3.7 billion annually.

RAA Senior Manager Road Safety Charles Mountain said federal and state governments must work together more to deliver better outcomes for South Australian motorists.

“To achieve significant action, it’s important for there to be a national approach to road safety,” said Mr Mountain.

“Improved road safety would not only save lives, but would also save money for reinvestment in our communities.

“Already this year, we’ve lost 65 lives on South Australian roads, with another 400 people seriously injured in crashes.

“It’s clear that governments need to invest more to improve road infrastructure and road safety education.

“Along with the personal impact that road trauma has on South Australian families, it’s clear there is also a significant impact on the local economy.”

The National Road Safety Platform was also released by the AAA today, outlining steps the Australian Government can take to save lives on our roads, such as;

  • Improved data collection to identify the true extent and underlying causes of death and injury on Australia’s roads
  • The re-establishment of the National Office for Road Safety to support best practice research and driver education
  • Reviewing data collected by first responders at crash scenes to ensure emerging trends, such as mobile phone use, are understood and consistently reported across jurisdictions
  • Removing tariffs and other car industry protectionism to ensure Australians have improved access to safer cars
  • Coordinated education programs (focusing upon national issues such as older drivers, international drivers, driver distraction, and the promotion of safer vehicles & new vehicle technologies).
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