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Renewed calls for Safety Camera Commissioner in SA

Monday, 11th Dec 2017

RAA is continuing its call for a Safety Camera Commissioner in South Australia, following a new survey that has revealed motorists’ growing anger at the camera network.

The Sunday Mail Your Say survey 2017, released yesterday, found that traffic problems and speed cameras were of greatest concern to motorists.

In the survey, 78 per cent of people said police and the State Government primarily use speed cameras to raise revenue while only 21.3 per cent believe they are primarily used for road safety.

“We’re not surprised by these results, as members have long told us they don’t trust the camera network,” said Charles Mountain, RAA Senior Manager Road Safety.

“In fact, an RAA member panel survey found only 30 per cent of respondents thought that safety cameras had contributed to a reduction in crashes.

“A Commissioner would act as an independent regulator of speed and red light cameras, overseeing the placement and operation of all cameras.

“We have seen the significant progress made in Victoria, as their Safety Camera Commissioner has changed the perception motorists have of cameras as ‘revenue raisers’ by building trust and transparency in the safety camera network.

“When a camera is not effective in improving driving behaviour, the Commissioner is able to suggest other measures in its place that can help improve safety and reduce crashes.

“The operation of the camera network needs to be more transparent to show motorists the influence they have on improving road safety.”

Background: A Safety Camera Commissioner is one of four key priorities RAA wants to highlight in the lead up to next year’s State Election, along with upgrades to the Horrocks Highway and Victor Harbor Road, as well as increased funding for road safety education for primary school students. Find out more here.

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