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RAA calls for petrol price transparency

Friday, 23rd Feb 2018

Motorists could save hundreds of dollars a year if the State Government provided real time pricing information from individual service stations, the state’s peak motoring organisation says.

RAA’s call for greater petrol price transparency comes as latest research shows car fuel is one of the biggest annual energy expenses facing householders.

RAA spokesman Mark Borlace said the NSW and Northern Territory governments already require service stations to provide real time fuel prices, which are published on websites and used in apps.

Mr Borlace said the RAA is calling on whoever forms the next State Government to introduce legislation and provide the same fuel price information for South Australian drivers.

“SA motorists deserve the same information provided to those interstate so they can take advantage of cheaper prices when buying fuel,’’ he said.

The savings can be significant, Mr Borlace said, given the difference between petrol prices at the top and bottom of the price cycle averaged 24c a litre.

“That’s a cost difference of more than $14 when filling the tank of a typical family sedan,’’ Mr Borlace said.

“Over a year that can amount to hundreds of dollars difference for most Adelaide motorist."

Mr Borlace said providing real time price comparisons would help create price competition among fuel retailers and enabled motorists to buy the cheapest petrol available.

“Fuel costs are among the biggest energy expense facing householders,’’ he said.

“The average annual fuel cost for a four-wheel-drive is around $1600, while a family sedan is $1300 and even a city run about costs around $900.

“Given many households have two or more cars that’s a big cost to families, which is why savings generated by price transparency would be very welcome."

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