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Frome and Morphett Adelaide's Best Bike Lanes

Tuesday, 27th May 2014

RAA has identified the safest routes for cyclists travelling into or across the Adelaide CBD, following a recent city streets survey.

Frome Street and Morphett Road were found to be the best routes for the north-south journey, while Wakefield Road/Street and Grote Street gets cyclists safely from the east to the west.
RAA Senior Manager Charles Mountain said the recent audit of city streets also identified the roads that cyclists would be best to avoid.

“While the southern section of King William Street to Victoria Square has been improved, it’s still not safe enough for cyclists given it’s used by cars, buses and trams,” said Mr Mountain.

“Especially once the Frome Street Bikeway was been completed all the way through to North Terrace, this will provide the safest north-south route for cyclists.”

As cycling enthusiasts from around the world gather for Velo-city Global Adelaide 2014, RAA is suggesting it would be ideal if more of Adelaide’s bike lanes could be separated.

Other roads that RAA suggests you should avoid when cycling north of the Torrens River include O’Connell Street and King William Road.

“By identifying the roads that are safest for cyclists, we’ve tried to take a whole of city approach and balance the needs of all road users,” said Mr Mountain.

RAA also wants the next section of the Frome Street Bikeway from Pirie Street to North Terrace completed, but wants two lanes retained for vehicles to accommodate traffic.

“This should help to minimise delays along this section in peak periods for buses that continue to use the route, as well as at the intersections of North Terrace and Grenfell Street,” said Mr Mountain.

RAA said so far the new Frome Street bike lane has been operating well for cyclists. 

“There have been some challenges for vehicles turning left from Frome Street because there’s still some confusion about whether the bike or the vehicle has right of way,” said Mr Mountain.

RAA also recently surveyed its Members on a range of cycling issues and found they agreed that streets with bike lanes are much safer to use.

“When it comes to selecting a safe cycling route, respondents were more likely to pick suburban streets with a bike lane (70%) or designated bike paths (94%),” said Mr Mountain.

“It seems the requirement to wear a helmet isn’t stopping people from getting on their bikes, with 73 per cent of respondents saying they wouldn’t ride more often if a helmet wasn’t compulsory.

“In fact, 60 per cent of respondents said they felt wearing a helmet when cycling should continue to be mandatory.

“However, our members don’t think it’s necessary for bikes to be registered, with 57 per cent of respondents against the proposal.”

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