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Xavier College student asks peers to think twice about drink driving

Thursday, 14th Nov 2013

Year 9 Xavier College student, Amber Sherlock has been announced as RAA’s 2013 Tell the World competition winner at this morning’s unveiling.

Chosen by public vote out of 12 high school finalists in South Australia, Amber Sherlock’s winning design reminds people of the consequences of drink driving and reinforces that it’s not worth the risk.

RAA Senior Manager Community Education, Ben Haythorpe said Amber has created her billboard around strong drink driving road safety messages.

“These messages highlight that it’s better to stay at a friends and be safe, and will hopefully help young people to rethink their behaviour if they are considering taking the risk,” said Mr Haythorpe.

Amber said she chose the topic of drink driving because she found it was a major issue while researching for the project.

“My research is what helped me to come up with my two key messages, which ultimately together warn people not to drink and drive,” said Amber.

“I really wanted to get the message out about drink driving, especially from personal experience because I do know people who have driven drunk, so I took all of this into account when designing my billboard.

“I’m very excited to have won the Tell the World competition, and I hope that my design can make a difference to young people.”

Amber and Xavier College both received $1,000 as a result of her winning the competition.

Amber’s billboard design is now displayed on the SA Metropolitan Fire Service building at 99 Wakefield Street, Adelaide, where it was unveiled this morning.

The billboard will also be displayed at the SAMFS’ Gawler station on Ayers Street, close by to Xavier College.

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