Representing Motorists

Public Policies

As the State’s leading non-government organisation representing the views of more than half a million individual members, RAA is the principal advocate for road users on a very broad range of motoring-related issues. These issues include speed limits, petrol pricing, road audits and safety design, road/bridge tolls, road rules and driver education, law enforcement and environmental concerns.

RAA Members look to us to inform them and to advocate on their behalf.  RAA does so by actively contributing to informed community debate, publicly advocating significant issues and lobbying for required improvement. .

Whether the issue be a local, State or Federal one, RAA's extensive range of policies serve to guide the RAA Board of Directors and staff when advancing advocacy matters on behalf of its members.

RAA policies are regularly reviewed by the Board and revised as necessary.  Many align directly with the policy positions of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), the national body of Australia’s motoring organisations, and its constituents.

RAA Public Policy ranges across four categories: Safety, Cost of Motoring, Integrated Transport and Mobility, and Community. Click here to learn more.  

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