Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan

Submission to the State Government on the Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan

In Brief

RAA has continuously emphasised the need for a transport plan. The issue of integrated transport planning, particularly in the context of regional and whole-of-state development, has long been a priority for RAA.

RAA believes that the formulation of the Plan is an important step forward. However a detailed implementation plan to ensure the delivery of the Plan is the vital next stage to ensure priorities and time frames are committed to.

RAA seeks a Plan that has as its fundamental objective the need to enable people to get to where they want to go, utilising all forms of transport and that creates an effective balance between private and public transport systems.

RAA acknowledges the importance of sustainable transport options including the integration of cycling and walking as vital components of the transport framework. RAA supports measures outlined in the Plan to create an expansive cycling and pedestrian network which provides safety for all users.

RAA is supportive of public transport within both urban and regional areas of the state, and within an overall integrated planning and land use context. The overall growth of Adelaide and surrounding regions poses major challenges to the achievement of economic efficiency, environmental goals, social equity and communty health. The continued development of South Australia’s transport system is therefore crucial to addressing these challenges.

The proposed improvements in public transport infrastructure are supported in principle, however RAA also believes that access and traffic flow for other vehicles needs to be maintained.

In general, RAA believes that working with local government will be a critical factor in achieving the initiatives proposed in the Plan.

It is also vital that the Plan is reviewed every five years to ensure its ongoing effectiveness and relevance.

Full Submission

Download the full submission as a PDF.

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