Recent storm claims

We're receiving a very high number of claims following the recent storm.

You can claim online 24/7 or call us on 8202 4575.

Please note, the high volume of claims also means the RAA website might take longer than usual to load.

There will be delays in processing insurance claims, but rest assured we will be in contact about your claim if you have already lodged it with us and haven't heard from us since.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page for additional helpful information.

We're working hard to respond to emergency claims and appreciate your patience during this time.

Urgent claims

If your claim is urgent, please call us on 8202 4575 and we will prioritise emergency repairs.  

Your home

Your claim is urgent if your home could be further damaged or is now unsafe as a result of storm damage.  

Your vehicle
Your claim is urgent if your vehicle has damage to windows, windscreens, tail lights, headlights or it can’t be driven safely as a result of storm damage. 

Other claims

If your claim is not related to the recent storm, you can claim online and our team will process your claim as soon as possible. 


Vehicle damage assessment FAQs

  • How does RAA Insurance handle a Hail event?

    RAA Insurance endeavour to do all we can to look after our Members. To ensure we can meet demands, following a Hail Event we may adjust our standard claims handling processes to respond to the significant increase in volume of claims. Our preference is always to support local RAA Approved Repairers and their affiliated companies who are designed to respond to hail events. Where appropriate we look to establish temporary specialist hail repair centres which will enable a more efficient response to the high volumes of hail damage, such as dents. 
  • Why have we set up specialised hail assessment centres?

    We have set up specialised hail assessment centres to assist in handling the high volume of claims following the hail event. The assessment centres are equipped to provide quotes, assessments, repairs and any ‘make safe’ repairs in the one location. The centres have hail repair specialists available to repair dents using PDR (see description below).
  • What is paintless dent removal? (PDR)

    PDR is the method of removing dents from the body of a motor vehicle. Skilled technicians use a variety of specialised tools to massage the underside of the panel to remove the dent and return the metal to its original form. This significantly reduces the repair times in comparison to traditional crash repair methods, ensuring vehicles are off the road for a fraction of the time.
  • Who are Erasadent/Specialist Hail Repairs?

    Erasadent are an RAA Approved Repairer who specialise in paintless dent removal.  Given the volume of repairs we have engaged Erasadent and its affiliate, Specialist Hail Repairs to establish a Hail Assessment Centre to undertake quotes and assessments in conjunction with RAA motor assessors and provide repairs. 
  • What is the Erasadent/Specialist Hail Repairs process?

    You will be contacted phone and/or SMS to book your vehicle in for an assessment at the newly established Elizabeth assessment centre.  

    Specialist Hail Repairs will contact you to organise an assessment. Following this assessment, and once repairs are authorised, they will schedule you in at a time that suits you, to perform repairs.  

    In most circumstances this will complete the repairs, however if additional ‘conventional’ repair is still required, this can be done at the same time, with all repairs being completed and finalised at the one place.

    Significant volumes of repairs are able to be repaired with this model.

  • Are there any other RAA Approved paintless dent repairers in different location?

    Dent Revolution is an RAA Approved Repairer who specialise in paintless dent repair (PDR).  Dent Revolution have an established Hail Assessment Centre in Norwood and also at Elizabeth to undertake quotes, assessments and repairs.
  • What is the Dent Revolution process?

    If you wish to have your repairs undertaken by Dent Revolution you can make contact with them directly and provide your Claim number for a  quote an assessment of the damage at their Norwood site.  You can also book online though their website.  Significant volumes of PDR hail damage are able to be repaired with this model.  In most circumstances this will complete the repairs, however if conventional repair is still required, arrangements will need to be made with a conventional Crash repairer.
  • Can I choose another RAA Approved Repairer?

    For Hail Damage we are recommending the selected RAA Approved Repairers and their affiliates noted above to complete the repairs where Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an option. Your policy enables Choice of Repairer. Your chosen RAA Approved repairer may have affiliation with another PDR company who may be able to organise the Hail damage repair process at your Crash Repairer premises. Crash repairers are generally geared for Crash repairs, not the high volume PDR hail damage. 

    If you wish to have your repair undertaken by an alternate crash repairer (including another RAA Approved Repairer) we will consider the repairer’s ability to complete the repair to a standard we expect in terms of safety, quality, fairness, timeliness, regulatory compliance and pricing, before authorising the repairs. If for any reason we do not recommend you proceed with a repairer we will call you to discuss. 
  • What if I have already taken my car to another repairer?

    This is ok, you have choice of repairer.   Your choice of repairer will follow our quote and assessment process.  We will review their quote and assessment as per the above and authorise repairs, or contact you to discuss.

    Specialist Hail Repair will be contacting all of our hail effected members via phone and or SMS.  So if you have engaged an alternate repairer, please advise Specialist Hail Repair when they contact you.

    If you miss their phone call and they SMS you, please disregard this text message.

  • What about my glass damage?

    During your assessment at our assessment centre, if your car is repairable we will organise glass repair/replacement and ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) recalibrations either as an urgent ‘make safe’ to keep you mobile, or during the repair process. 

    If you only have glass damage you can contact O’Briens Glass and they will organise a repair or replacement for you.
  • How long will the assessment take at the Specialist Hail Repair assessment centre?

    The quote and assessment process at our assessment sites take 15 - 20 minutes, they will provide you with information on what to expect including the covid guidelines they have in place. 
  • What happens after my assessment?

    If you are able to drive your vehicle home, Specialist Hail Repairs will contact you to arrange a repair booking.

    If your vehicle is a total loss and unable to be driven, it can remain at the assessment centre and a member of the RAA Claims team will contact you to discuss settlement. 

  • Where do I pay my excess?

    If you have an applicable excess, please pay this direct to your Repairer at completion of repairs.
  • Why does my excess apply?

    An excess applies on this type of incident, as there is no at fault third party involved.  Please check your PDS for more information under the section titled ‘Excess’.  

    Your certificate of insurance will also include information regarding excess(es) payable.

  • If my car is undrivable and needs to be towed, what will happen?

    Specialist Hail Repairs will contact you by phone and/or SMS and work with you.  They will arrange for your car to be towed to the assessment centre in Elizabeth.  After the assessment you will be contacted with the information and next steps.  A ‘make safe’ repair may be conducted as part of the initial assessment to allow you to drive your car whilst waiting for repairs or it may be deemed a total loss dependent on the damage.
  • If my car is undrivable and extensively damaged, what can I do?

    If your car is undrivable and/or extensively damaged it is likely it may be assessed as a total loss. Taking the following steps in advance will help us expediate your settlement.
    a) Remove any personal belongings.
    b) Organise Finance documents if your vehicle is under finance.
  • I am eligible for New Vehicle Replacement (NVR) / Lifetime Vehicle Replacement (LVR) on my policy, what does this mean for me?

    In the event that your vehicle is assessed and determined a total loss and you are eligible for NVR/LVR we will discuss your options  after your assessment. 
  • Can I go with my car if it needs to be towed?

    As we cannot guarantee your vehicle will be assessed straight away, we recommend you do not attend with your vehicle if it is towed. Rest assured RAA or Specialist Hair Repair will contact you after the assessment has been completed and advise you of the information and next steps.
  • Once I've had my car assessed, how long will repairs take?

    The repairer will be able to better inform you at the assessment, as it depends on the severity of the repairs.

General claims FAQs

  • I lodged my claim online and have received multiple claim numbers. What do I do?

    Because of the pressure on our systems, some members may have received multiple communications with multiple claim numbers. We are fixing this and will notify you of the claim number you can confidently refer to for your claim.
  • How long do I have to lodge a claim? 

    There is no rush. What’s most important is that you’re safe! You’re welcome to wait and lodge your claim in the coming weeks and months, but we suggest getting in contact with us in the next two weeks to get work started. This will help ensure any damage doesn’t become worse.

    If any damage has made your car undrivable or your home unsafe to live, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

  • Am I covered for hail damage?

    To ease your mind, if you have RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance, hail damage is covered.

    We also cover damage caused by hail or storms under out Home & Contents Insurance policies, but strongly suggest you read your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to understand what exclusions (if any) may apply to your situation.

    You can find our Car Insurance and Home and Contents Insurance PDS documents here.

  • I've lodged a claim. What happens next?

    Car claims: please see our 'Assessment FAQs' on this page for all information regarding the assessment of your claim.

    Home claims: we’re currently prioritising those claims where safety is an issue for our members. Our team, as well as our assessment and building partners, are working hard to get through the backlog and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

  • What if I just want to get my car’s glass fixed and have other repairs done later?

    If you urgently need to use your car, or it’s your only form of transport, our Comprehensive Car Insurance will cover glass repairs under emergency repairs. That way, you can have the glass fixed and book an assessment for other damage at a later time. If you have access to another car that’s safe to use, or can wait for an assessment, please wait to have any repairs done and we’ll update you on the assessment process as soon as possible.
  • What if my car's undriveable?

    We’ll organise for your car to be towed to our assessment centre for a quote and assessment. Following assessment, we may do ‘make safe’ repairs to your car so that it’s driveable while waiting for the full repair. It may be assessed as a total loss and we’ll aim to settle your claim as soon as possible. If your car’s undriveable, your claim will be of highest priority to us. In the meantime, we recommend removing any personal items from your car and we’ll contact you soon.
  • Who is RAA getting to do hailstorm repairs?

    The hailstorm has caused damage to a large number of cars. We have a trusted group of RAA Approved Repairers, including specialist hailstorm car repairers, who we’re working with during this event. We'll use our experience and first-hand knowledge of events like this to ensure that your repairs are carried out as efficiently as possible by a suitably qualified repairer. These RAA Approved Repairers are managing the large influx of hail damaged cars and we’re helping them manage the hailstorm claims alongside their usual repair volumes.
  • Why have I been referred to an interstate repairer?

    Due to the large number of claims received for this event, we’ve engaged with interstate hail repair specialists to ensure that we can deal with our members’ claims as quickly as possible.