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Congratulations to all our winners

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Win tickets to the RAA Lounge, Round 13 
P Smith 
R Scupham

Win tickets to the RAA Lounge, Round 15 

S Elies 

samotor WIN Adelaide Symphony Orchestra show pack
G Grevelis

Win your spend back with Snooze, 15 June
S Scholz

Win with Woolworths, 4 July
A Fry
L Luppino
K Tate
G Kelly
T Jacobs
T Ferguson
T Trigg
T Librino
L Koo
A Musa
C Papadimas
C O'Grady
C Potter
P Bament
A Stubing
C Gardner
P Dawson
A Hansen
M Thus

RAA and Adelaide Crows Kids Clinic, 5 July
A Gramazio
B Harrison
C Adams
C Jolly
D Farley
E Daniel 
E Goldsmith
E O’Brien 
F Cory
G Burton 
J Zippel 
J Hume
J Glover
J Jenkins
J Lockhorst
K Hanson 
K Clark 
K Maxfield 
K Moutakis 
K McLean 
M King
M Plunkett
M Woodward 
M Oakley 
N Methofer 
O Mew
P Carpenter
P Hodman
R Clinch
S Gehlken
S Pyrah 
S Armani
T Botten
T Rose 

RAA and Adelaide Crows Kids Clinic, 12 July
A Cronin
A Staudacher
A Martwin 
A Forgan 
A Koppan 
B Cleggett 
B Thompson 
C Slattery 
D McCarthur 
D Scott-Szurkalo 
F Searle
G Biddell 
I Domenika
J Gellard
C Harrison
K Pilgrim
K Watson 
K Simmonds
L Grove
M Baiocchi
M Slape
M Boyd
M Haydon 
M Hancock 
M Junejo
N Rose
S Humphries
S Mango 
S Stewart
S Barelds
T Noble

Adelaide Crows Chairman's Function tickets, 18 July
P Falckh
S Crate

Win tickets to the RAA lounge, Round 16
T Pretty
J Garland

Win tickets to the RAA lounge, Round 17
G Dornan
L Opie 

Win tickets to the RAA lounge, Round 18
P Dawe
R Churches

Win Adelaide Crows Chairman's Function tickets, 24 July
As a result of the State Government lockdown order, we’ve had to cancel this competition. This is in accordance with Clause 13 of the competition terms and conditions.

samotor WIN 1 of 3 Illuminate Adelaide Light Cycles double passes
J Dunne
L Tormena
K Hansford

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