The RAA Go app was delisted in March 2024.
  • What was RAA Go?

    A multi-modal journey planning app for South Australians. RAA Go combined SA's public transport network and shared micromobility (e-scooters, e-bikes and bicycles), live traffic conditions, fuel prices and parking data to help users reach their destination in the cheapest, fastest and smartest ways.
  • Why was RAA Go delisted?

    In March 2024 the RAA Go app was removed from app stores.

    We launched RAA Go in 2022 with the goal of testing its success and fit for RAA and our members. It successfully encouraged South Australians to use different types of transport, and received positive feedback from users.

    We decided to delist the RAA Go app to put its investment into other areas of the RAA business. But given its success, we're exploring ways we can use some of its features within existing RAA services.

  • What other transport planning app should I use?

    There are many journey planning apps for South Australians, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Uber, Flexicar, Beam, Neuron and Airbike.

    For public transport app options, visit the Adelaide Metro website.