Your Privacy Is Important To Us

The statement below outlines the RAA’s general philosophy in relation to privacy and is intended to provide a brief yet clear statement about how RAA manages personal information.


Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Incorporated “RAA” [ABN 90 020 001 807] is committed to protecting the privacy of members and customers. RAA abides by the National Privacy Principles [NPPs] contained within the Privacy Act (as amended) and is also bound by the Australian Direct Marketing Association Privacy Code for direct mail activities.

Privacy of your personal information is important to us and we conduct our business with the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity. We aim to provide the best possible service, whilst ensuring you are aware of how your personal information is used within RAA, and by related entities such as RAA Insurance Ltd [ABN 14 007 872 602].

What information do we collect?

We will always be open and honest in our dealings with you and will only collect information about you that we believe is necessary to undertake our legitimate business activities. The nature of the personal information we collect will be dependent upon your chosen level of interaction with RAA, and the degree to which you utilise the broad range of RAA benefits, products and services.

Generally, the personal information is comprised of your name, address, date of birth, vehicle details and telephone, fax and e-mail contact details. Further specific details may be required for different types of transactions. RAA also retains transactional histories of your usage of RAA services for audit purposes and to assist in understanding your circumstances, preferences and service needs.

Why is the information collected and how is it used?

Generally, we collect information necessary to validate your identity and to ensure your request or enquiry can be actioned efficiently and effectively. Collection of personal information is necessary to undertake many of the broad range of transactions offered by the RAA, including:

How do we collect the information?

In most cases we only collect information about you, directly from you, however there are circumstances where this is impractical, eg RAA membership purchased as a gift, where multiple persons are linked or related to a particular membership and in cases involving joint insurance of property under an insurance policy issued by RAA Insurance.

What if you don’t want to provide certain personal information?

RAA only seeks information that we believe is necessary to undertake a specific transaction or function, therefore, refusal to supply requested details may delay or prevent us from satisfying your request, be it a membership application, insurance proposal or insurance claim.

Disclosure of personal information

Any information collected by RAA is kept strictly confidential and is only accessed by authorised RAA staff, agents, contractors or service providers in the course of them undertaking their legitimate duties in providing a given product or service. Only information necessary for the particular function is shared with the relevant service provider.

Member or customer information will not be given, rented, sold or traded to any external third party organisation and will only be made available to an outside entity where;

If you are dealing with the RAA from an insurance viewpoint, as a normal part of our business activities, RAA Insurance may pass claims related information to Insurance Reference Service Ltd [IRS]. This is an independent company, which collates industry data from all general insurers. Also, if you are insured with RAA Insurance, limited personal information may at times be provided to and be received from other general insurers in order to confirm insurance related policy or claims details.

Accessing personal information

RAA respects the rights of individual members and customers to access and correct their own personal information in our possession. Simple access requests can usually be actioned over the telephone on (08) 8202 4600 or at any RAA Branch Office. Detailed requests may need to be submitted on the prescribed Personal Information Access & Disclosure form.

Marketing and promotional offers

RAA honours any request not to receive unsolicited, personally targeted promotional material. You may exercise your choice or preferences at any time, by email to, by telephone on (08) 8202 4600, or at any RAA Branch Office.

Comments and complaints regarding Privacy

If you have a problem with how RAA has used your personal information, or are concerned about any aspects of the RAA Privacy policy or procedures, we want to hear from you.

In the first instance, all privacy related comments or complaints may be directed to:

RAA Privacy Officer RAA of SA Inc. 101 Richmond Road MILE END 5031

The RAA Privacy Officer has the appropriate knowledge and authority to deal with any privacy matter, and will be able to explain your rights and any referral that may be necessary in order to resolve the matter. Any formal privacy complaint will be dealt with by the Privacy Officer, or if necessary, may be referred to an Internal Dispute Resolution Committee, who have the appropriate authority to deal with disputes.

Privacy related comments and complaints may be lodged over the telephone on (08) 8202 4600 or at any RAA Branch Office. The matter will be investigated and a response will be provided promptly.

In the unlikely event that your complaint is unresolved, you will be advised of appropriate review mechanisms available to you both internally (RAA Senior Management Dispute Resolution Committee or RAA Insurance Internal Dispute Resolution Committee) and the independent arbitrator, the Federal Privacy Commissioner. Any formal dispute review will be undertaken promptly, and the internal Committee’s decision will be provided within fifteen (15) working days. Every effort will be made to equitably address privacy concerns prior to referral to the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Details of the Federal Privacy Commissioner are as follows, however they will only become involved when all internal avenues have been exhausted:-

Privacy Complaints: The office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner Telephone: 1300 363 992 Web site:

Further details of RAA privacy related policies are contained in the RAA Privacy Related Policies & Procedures document. This information is available upon request at any RAA Branch or District Office.

The RAA also has a privacy policy specifically related to online privacy. This explains how we handle personal information that you submit online, the security of the information transmitted and our use of cookies.

The RAA Insurance Privacy Policy Statement is intended to provide a brief yet clear statement about how RAA Insurance manages personal information.