About Membership

Levels of Membership

Your level of membership is based on the longest amount of time you've held a product with RAA*. This is reflected by the colour of your membership card and is used to calculate any member and loyalty discounts you may be entitled to.

The longer you’ve been an RAA Member, the more you can save! See our member and loyalty discounts section for information on how you can save with RAA.

We’ve made some changes to the conditions on becoming an RAA Member. These changes allow more South Australians to take advantage of our member and loyalty discounts and member-only benefits and services.

2014 Membercard BLUE                Membercard BRONZE

Blue: 0 - 4 years                  Bronze: 5 - 9 years

Membercard SILVER               Membercard GOLD

Silver: 10 - 24 years            Gold: 25 - 49 years

Membercard GOLD50 

Gold50: 50+ years

Please note that your new membership card does not automatically provide you with Road Service. You can purchase Road Service here

How do the changes affect my level of Membership?

Mrs Redmond, Hallet Cove
Has had Road Service for 3 years and Home Insurance for 6 years.

  • Mrs Redmond has held Home Insurance with RAA for a greater amount of time than her Road Service. Because of the new changes, she will jump up from her original Blue membership level to now become a Bronze member.
Mr Jackson, Whyalla
Has had Road Service for 12 years and Security Monitoring for 4 years.
  • No changes will be made to Mr Jackson's level of membership as his Road Service is still the longest product he's held with RAA.
Miss Smyth, Adelaide
Has had Car Insurance for 2 years.
  • As membership is now offered at no additional cost for all Insurance and Security Monitoring customers, Miss Smyth will now automatically become a Blue member. 


*Qualifying Products