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Top 10 Australian-made cars

The Holden 48-215


Holden 48-215

Known as the 'FX', this was the first General Motors car to bear the Holden nameplate and the first to be made in Australia. Adopted as 'Australia's own car' it's still fondly remembered today.


Holden EH

Holden EH, 1964

One of the most-loved Holdens of all time, it was the first to use the famous 'red' engine, which was smoother and more powerful than its predecessors. With a combination of affordability, good looks and power, the EH ticked all the boxes for over 250,000 Aussies.



Holden GTR Torana, 1969-74

The GTR Torana was initially pitched to the young and free generation growing up in the 70s. It also saw success at Bathurst with Colin Bond and Peter Brock behind the wheel.


Chrysler Valiant Charger

Chrysler Valiant Charger, 1971-78

Hey Charger! The marketing catch cry was almost more famous than the car itself. Although it often played third fiddle to the GT Falcon and Monaro, purists argue it was the quickest vehicle of the day and one of the best-looking Aussie muscle cars ever made.


XY FalconFord XY Falcon GT, 1971

Once coined the fasted sedan in the world, a surge in popularity over the past 10 to 15 years has seen the price of the GT skyrocket to about $1 million in some cases. Not bad for a car that retailed at $5400 in 1971.Kingswood


Holden HQ Kingswood, 1971-74

With a new design for the time and a bigger engine, the HQ secured its spot as the highest-selling Holden in history. It was also the first to have coil spring rear suspension.

Lelyand P76



Leyland P76, 1973-75

Its huge boot and distinctive design set the P76 apart from its rivals. However, it's ultimately more famous for being a failure - supplier problems and failing to live up to expectations were just some of the reasons production ceased.



VB CommodoreHolden VB Commodore, 1978-80

The introduction of the Commodore was a huge move away from the large Kingswood range of vehicles in response to the need for more fuel-efficient cars. Almost 100,000 were sold during its first two-year production, cementing it as the number one selling car in 1979.


XF Falcon

Ford Falcon XF, 1984-93

Derived from its predecessors - the XD and XE - the XF remains the highest-selling Falcon to date. Most notable was the car's driving comfort and economy, making it a popular choice for our taxi fleets.


MonaroHolden Monaro, 2001-2006

Thirty years after the original ceased production, the lastest-generation Monaro landed in Aussie showrooms. With tales of clandestine, late-night works by engineers, demand for the new model was high after a prototype was unveiled in 1998.


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