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Home security can be tricky business. This edition, our experts answer a few common questions.

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Q: If I have a pet, can I still have a monitored alarm?

A: Yes. Your alarm system can be tailored to include pet-friendly detectors which allow small pets to roam free throughout your home whilst the system is alarmed. Using advanced technology the detector analyses the mass of the pet and ignores animals under 25kgs.

Q: Where is the RAA monitoring centre based?

A: Our Monitoring Centre is located within the RAA Headquarters on Richmond Road at Mile End and is an ASIAL approved A1 rated facility (highest industry rating).

Q: Can I still have my alarm monitored by RAA even if it was installed by another provider?

A: Yes, RAA Secure Services can monitor alarms installed by other providers (subject to your system being compatible for monitoring by our Monitoring Centre).

Q: Does an alarm system really reduce the chances of my home being burgled?

A: Yes! Studies have shown that property with alarm systems in them are 3 to 4 times less likely to be burgled. Burglars look for places without alarm systems because it’s easier and they have less chance of being caught.

Q: What happens if a power outage occurs?

A: Every alarm system from RAA comes with a backup battery already installed. This means that during power outages the alarm system will automatically switch to the backup battery. The battery will keep your alarm system powered, depending on how much you use the system during this time.

After the main power comes back on, the alarm system will begin recharging the backup battery until it is at full power again. During this time the alarm system will report that the battery is low until fully charged.

Q. What happens if my alarm is activated?

A: In the event of an alarm our monitoring centre will contact the property to see if it is a false alarm. If there is no response our operator’ will phone your nominated contacts and advise of the alarm activation then take the necessary steps in actioning it.

Q: Do I need a landline to monitor my alarm?

A: No, RAA can monitor without you having a standard landline telephone service, using the 3G mobile network.

Q: Am I able to use my alarm whilst at home to protect my family whilst we sleep?

A: Yes, RAA can tailor the design of the system to incorporate sensors on windows and doors, or specially designed outdoor sensors, allowing the perimeter to be alarmed at night whilst the family are able to move around inside the home.

Q: Can I check what is happening at my home whilst I am not there?

A: Yes, RAA are able to install CCTV at most homes, allowing a person to check for activity at their home through high quality cameras. These cameras record activity on a hard drive inside the home, as well as having the option to be viewed live via a smartphone app.

Q: Is there an app I can download to check my system via my mobile?

A: With an RAA monitored alarm you can use the “Pocket Secure” app to check the status of your system & then arm or disarm from your smartphone.

Q: Do I have to pay the full installation cost up front or is there a payment plan option?

A: With an RAA Monitored alarm purchase we offer our 36 month interest free “Flexipay” plan. Simply pay a small deposit then the balance is paid via direct debit over the next 36 months. No other hidden charges.

Q: If I’m away and my alarm activates, how does the attending RAA Patrol access my property? Do you hold keys?

A: We can supply and install a secure key safe to safely store keys etc. to allow authorised access to the property. Our monitoring centre securely holds the location details & PIN code for access.

Q: Once I have accepted your quote, how long will it be before my security system gets installed?

A: Most domestic jobs are completed within one day. We aim to install your security system within 1-2 weeks of acceptance and will happily try to complete sooner if there is some urgency to your inquiry.


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