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22 free Royal Show activities

From cuddling cute animals during the day to watching The RAA Fireworks spectacle by night, here’s a guide to some FREE – and fun – activities at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show.

Face painting - Royal Show


1. Tinker Tailor's Magical Toy Shop show
Take the kids to see toys come to life in this 30-minute musical extravaganza with singing, dancing and special effects.
Every day, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 6pm
Goyder Stage

Tinker Tailor

2. Play giant games
If they need a rest from the rides and sugar rush, a giant game of noughts and crosses or snakes and ladders will keep them entertained.
When: Every day, 11.30am–4.30pm
Where: Kids’ Corner (located in the Kids’ Carnival)

Giant games - Royal Show

3. The Emma & Lachy Tour
Two of your favourite Wiggles, Emma and Lachy, will be singing, dancing and toot-toot-chugger-chugging their way from Wiggle Town.
When: 4–6 September, 4pm–4.40pm
Where: Goyder Stage

4. Peppa Pig & Family – Muddy Puddles Show
Join Peppa Pig, her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig as they play games, dress up and jump in muddy puddles.
When: 4–6 September, 12pm–12.30pm
Where: Goyder Stage


5. Watch The RAA Fireworks light up the night sky!
Finish your night with a bang by watching The RAA Fireworks.
When: Every night from 9pm, but there’ll be a special midweek display from Monday to Wednesday at 7pm. And, don’t miss the sky light up for the last time on the final show day, from 8pm. 
Where: Main Arena

Fireworks - Royal Show

6. Fly over to see drone racing
Watch drone pilots as they race to win a share of $25,000 and be crowned the 2017 Royal Adelaide Show First-Person View World Cup winner.
When: Every night, 7.45pm– 8pm
Where: Main Arena


7. V8 Ute Challenge
Are you a Holden or Ford enthusiast? Cheer on your favourite during the V8 Ute Challenge. New this year are female professional drivers Kelly Wong and Lisa Walker.
When: Every night, 8.30pm–8.45pm
Where: Main Arena

8. Say ‘thank you’ to Holden
Celebrate the contribution made by SA’s much-loved car brand Holden by checking out a range of models from different eras.
When: Every day, 9am–10pm
Where: Various outdoor locations around the showgrounds

9. Go on an interactive road-safety experience
Here at RAA, we’re all about encouraging road users to stay safe. That’s why we recommend going on an interactive road-safety experience with our friends at the Motor Accident Commission.
When: Every day, 9am–8pm
Where: MAC Box, Jubilee Pavilion


10. Get baking
Discover what makes a great pastry when My Kitchen Rules 2014 winner Bree May judges the baking skills of showgoers in the Professional Baking Competition.
When: 5 September, 10am–2pm
Where: Horticulture stage, Goyder Pavilion

11. Customary cookery display visit
From breads and biscuits, to jams and preserves, make a beeline to the cookery display, but test your willpower as you’ll only be able to eat with your eyes.
When: Every day, 9am–8pm
Where: Duncan Gallery

Cooking - Royal Show

12. Meet the farmers – and cows
From the farm to the fridge, go on the Legendairy Farmer Tour where you’ll meet the farmers and cows behind the delicious milk, cheeses and yoghurts you devour.
When: 1–5 September, 2.30pm and 4pm
Where: Tour starts at the Exhibition Dairy


13. Hop to the rabbit show jumping competition
We could watch these fluffy friends bounce around all day.
When: 6 September, 9am–5pm
Where: Pet Centre

Rabbit - Royal Show

14. Learn all about pigs
Do pigs actually fly? You probably already know the answer, but now’s your chance to learn a lot more about these smart creatures.
When: Every day (except Mondays and Saturdays), 11am, 1pm and 3pm
Where: Pigs & People display (located in the Pigs Pavilion)

Pig - Royal Show

15. Cuddle cute farm animals
You haven’t properly experienced the show until you’ve cuddled a cute baby chick, or stood near a sheep or goat.
When: Every day, 9am–8pm
Where: BankSA Farmyard Nursery


16. Witness a fiery stunt 
Hold your breath as 65-year-old stuntman Ian Jamieson attempts to ride his motorcycle through a tunnel of fire.
When: Every night, 8pm (7pm final day)
Where: Main Arena

17. See a favourite show personality
Show favourite Oz Rocketman returns with a brand-new jet pack that’ll rocket him into the air for longer than ever.
When: Every night, 8.15pm (7.15pm final day)
Where: Main Arena

18. Motocross mania
See the Showtime FMX riders perform amazing sky-high stunts on their motocross bikes.
When: Every night, 8.45pm–9pm
Where: Main Arena

Motocross - Royal Show


19. See a celeb milk a cow
Find out who of Adelaide’s celebrities will take the title of ‘Milking Champion’ in the Celebrity Milk-Off.
When: 7 September, 12.30pm–1pm
Where: Dairy Cattle Judging Lawn

Milk off - Royal Show

20. Watch the antics of 60 trained mice
Head over to Saul’s Mouse Mania – it’ll be the only time you see 60 trained mice running on tightropes, ferris wheels and tread wheels.
When: Every day, 10am–12pm; 1.30pm–3.30pm; 4pm–6pm
Where: Pet Centre

21. Dances with Dogs
What’s better than a dog? A dancing one. Check out man’s best friend
and their owners in the Dances with Dogs competition.
When: 10 September, 11am–3pm
Where: Dairy Cattle Judging Lawn

22. Crack the whip
There’s a competition for just about everything – like whip cracking! Head over to the State Whip Cracking Championship for a cracking good time.
When: 9 September, 9am–12pm
Where: Leader Pavilion

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