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Has your car been recalled?

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More than two million vehicles in Australia have been recalled because of a potentially deadly airbag fault that’s reportedly killed one Australian and seriously injured another.

Thirteen different car brands, including Honda, Mazda, Ford, BMW, –Mitsubishi and Toyota, have been affected by the faulty airbags supplied by automotive parts company, Takata.

Worryingly though, many of these cars are still out on the road.

How can I find out if my car's on the recall list? 

Vehicles made as far back as 1999 are part of what is the largest automotive recall in history and motorists are being urged to check if their car’s on the recall list. You can check if your car's on the list here.

Why are the airbags faulty?

The recall’s due to a defective inflator that, when deployed in the event of a crash, is known to have projected shards of metal at the car’s occupants.

The issue has been linked to about 17 deaths overseas and, in July, a Sydney man was killed after he was struck in the neck by an object thought to have come from a Takata airbag. In April, a Northern Territory woman was seriously injured. 

Check – and recheck – if your car's on the list

The first round of recalls were made back in 2013; however, more cars are being added to the list, sparking calls for motorists to check – and recheck – if their vehicle’s affected and to ensure they follow the instructions if they’ve received a recall notice.

Meanwhile, an investigation by CHOICE revealed that – because of a parts shortage – some airbags are being replaced by newer versions of the same faulty airbag as a short-term fix.

Research shows the new airbags are less likely to be defective than older ones that have naturally degraded over time, reducing the immediate risk. These airbags will eventually need to be replaced too.

If you're concerned:

  • Contact the manufacturer and have your VIN or rego number on hand
  • Don't worry – the repairs won’t cost you anything (the manufacturer will pay), but it’s important to check the recall list to see if your car’s on there.

Did you know?

  • While a serious issue, it’s important to know that overall, airbags have still significantly improved car safety. So, motorists should not disable airbags or attempt DIY repairs. In fact, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US says airbags saved 2400 lives in 2014 alone.

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