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“When’s the ‘right time’ to book a holiday: early or at the last minute?”

Nowadays, there are often last-minute holiday deals and, if you have a flexible schedule, you can really score yourself a great price at the 11th hour.

Many travellers, however, don’t realise that when they book ahead, some suppliers will actually reward them with bonus offers, early payment discounts, upgrades on accommodation, or cheaper tours.

There’s obviously much greater demand to travel during peak periods like Christmas, Easter, long weekends and school holidays, so booking around these times can be more expensive.

If you’re planning a trip around holiday periods, it’s best to pass on last-minute deals and book in advance so you can secure the best prices and dates, and generally have the ‘pick of the crop’. 

Do the same if you’re planning a trip to Europe or the USA during high season (June to August).

Early bird airfares offer great prices and are usually released in September and October for these destinations.

If you're feeling tempted by ‘too good to pass up’ last-minute deals:

  • Speak to a travel agent to ensure you’re getting the right deal for you because, more often than not, you’ll find these offers are restrictive and last-ditch attempts to fill empty spots.
  • Ask your travel agent for the terms and conditions on any deal upfront so you can determine if the itinerary is suitable.