About Membership

Your Membership Card

Your membership card unlocks the door to a wide range of savings and benefits.

Make sure you keep your card on you at all times so you never miss an opportunity to show your card and save.

We all have so many cards in our purses and wallets that we often have to prioritise our cards with only those most needed easily accessible.

Make sure your membership card is front and ready as it provides you with everyday deals and discounts through our More For Members program. You'll be asked to present your membership card when accessing these benefits. Without your card on you, you could be missing out on opportunities to save.

Click here to find out how you can take your RAA card shopping and save.

Highlighted below is the information displayed on your membership card and what it all means.


Member Card Front_Correct



Member Card Back_Correct


You won't receive a new membership card every year. Instead we'll send you a new card when you move up to a new membership level or if you ask for a replacement, for example if your old card is lost or you change your name.

Your membership card doesn't automatically provide you with Road Service. You can add Road Service at any time by calling 8202 4610, dropping into your local RAA Shop or click here to buy online.

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