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Hazard Perception Test

Are you moving from your L's to your P1's? Before you're able to progress from your Learner Permit to your P1 Licence, you'll need to complete the Hazard Perception Test.

It's a good idea to practice beforehand so you know what skills you'll need to complete the test. 

Each time you practice the test you'll get 7 random questions from a sample of 34. You will see film clips of real driving situations and will be asked to respond to these situations by clicking your mouse. 

Please note that not all questions in the actual hazard perception test are included in the practice test.

This test can only be practiced on a desktop computer or tablet (not your mobile phone). The test will not work if you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8, so you'll need to upgrade to a newer version to practice or use a different web browser.

Ready to take the test? Click the screen to start.

Hazard Perception Test

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