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If you take medicine and then drink alcohol-

When you wish to turn left at a roundabout you indicate-

A police car is parked on the centre traffic island of a divided road with its red and blue lights flashing. There has been an accident on the other side of the road. What should you do?

You are driving along a country bitumen road where, because of inattention, the two left side wheels run onto the loose gravel surface on the edge of the road. What should you do?

What does this sign mean?

Generally, if you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle you should-

You wish to turn left at an intersection and the traffic lights are green. There are vehicles already in the intersection, what should you do?

What does this sign mean?

You want to drive your car but you have a very bad headache. A friend gives you some of their headache tablets to kill the pain. What should you do before you take these tablets?

It is important to scan while driving so you can see everything that is happening on the road. What does scanning involve?

What are you required to do if you develop a serious medical condition that could affect your driving?

You should leave a gap between your vehicle and the one you are following. In good conditions the gap should be-

What does this sign mean?

You drive towards these people on the road. What should you do?

You are most likely to find this sign-

What does this sign mean?

When is a driver allowed to go over the speed limit?

You are driving a vehicle that only has a seat belt for the driver. To reduce the danger of being injured in a collision in a vehicle without a seat belt, where is the best place for passengers to sit?

If you intend to turn left, are you required to give a signal?

Which one of the following statements is correct? Bicycle riders-

Where must you drive your vehicle on a road that is not marked with lanes?

Which of the vehicles are allowed to cross the lines on the centre of the road in order to overtake?

What is the safest way to stay under the legal alcohol limit?

A large puddle of water appears across part of your side of the road after heavy rain. What should you do?

When driving near children playing or walking near the edge of the road, you should-

The only effective way to deal with driver fatigue is to-

What does this sign mean?

What is the meaning of this sign?

On a freeway with a maximum speed limit of 110 km/h, a learner driver who is not in a driving school vehicle fitted with dual brake controls must not drive faster than-

How far from an on coming car would you need to safely overtake a 23 metre B-double heavy truck, which is travelling at 100 km/h in a 110 km/h speed zone, without exceeding the speed limit?

If a STOP or GIVE WAY sign has been knocked down, for example, as the result of an accident, does the line marked across the road have any meaning?

A driver behind you signals their intention to overtake your car. What should you do?

What is the meaning of this sign?

You see zig-zag markings on the road in front of you. What do they mean?

Another vehicle is overtaking you on your right. You commit a traffic offence if you-

What does this sign mean?

If you are going out and going to drink alcohol, the best way to avoid having to drink and drive is to-

Before making a U-turn you must-

When do School Zones apply?

Speed limit signs (such as the one shown) tell drivers-

In this roundabout with dual lanes, can this car turn right?

You are going to turn right from a one-way street. Where should you be when you start your turn?


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