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When you see children on or near the road-

You must use your indicator lights when-

A large puddle of water appears across part of your side of the road after heavy rain. What should you do?

While driving, you come across aggressive, selfish or ignorant driving behaviour by another driver. You should-

What should you do when approaching traffic lights which change from green to yellow?

If the grip or friction of the tyres on a gravel road is half that of a bitumen road, how will this affect your minimum braking distance when travelling at the same speed on the gravel road?

When driving past parked vehicles, which of the following is it most important to do-

Turn signals are-

You are driving behind a long vehicle (as shown) which has a sign saying DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE. The long vehicle indicates that it is going to turn left. You-

When you apply the brakes, it takes at least 20 metres to bring your car to a stop on a road from 50 km/h. If you double your speed to 100 km/h, what minimum distance will it take to stop your car when you apply the brakes on the same road surface?

What is the meaning of this sign?

You should expect this sign-

Why should you slow down prior to driving through a large puddle of water on the road?

If a STOP or GIVE WAY sign has been knocked down, for example, as the result of an accident, does the line marked across the road have any meaning?

When going downhill, what happens to the braking distance of your vehicle?

You are driving on a road which has no lanes. Which ONE of the following is NOT allowed?

Overtaking another vehicle requires good concentration and judgement. Which of the following statements is correct?

You approach a crossing and see the scene in the picture. You should-

What does this sign mean?

Babies under 6 months old should travel-

You want to park your vehicle on the road at night where there are no street lights. You should-

If you are taking several medications and you want to drive, you should-

How must you position your vehicle when driving on a road marked with lane lines?

If you are not sure you have enough distance to overtake a vehicle ahead, you should-

What is meant by keeping clear of and giving way to an emergency vehicle which is sounding a siren or displaying flashing blue and/or red lights?

What does this sign mean?

If you intend to turn left, are you required to give a signal?

If the red lights on this sign are flashing, what are you required to do?

At which ONE of the following places are U-turns permitted?

What does this sign mean?

You are a driver who is about to move off from the kerb into a flow of traffic. What must you do?

You wish to go straight ahead at a dual lane roundabout. Which statement is true?

What does this sign mean?

You are at a busy intersection with slow moving traffic and want to go straight ahead. When the traffic lights change to green you should make sure that-

Provisional drivers have higher crash rates through running off the road on both straight sections and in bends than fully licensed drivers. Why is this so?

How far from the approach side of a bus stop or a railway crossing are you allowed to stand or park your vehicle?

Are you permitted to park on a dividing strip or nature strip?

Driving faster than the maximum speed limit is-

What does this sign mean?

Which of the following statements is correct?

What does this sign mean at an intersection if used with a thick white line painted across part of the road?

What does this sign mean?


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