Learning to Drive

Take the Online Learner's Test

Our online Learner's Test is the easiest way to practice for your Learner's Permit. This is because the questions are the same as those used in the official learner's test. Pass our test and you're well on the way to passing the official test!

Before taking this test, make sure you've read through The Driver's Handbook, which can be viewed online or purchased from an RAA Shop.

The test has two parts:

Part A - Give Way diagrams. Eight diagram questions (selected randomly from 20 diagrams) where you decide which vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist is required to give way in each diagram. All eight questions must be answered correctly before you can try Part B.

Note: The questions in RAA’s Give Way test are the same as those in the official test, however our diagrams do look slightly different. This does not affect who needs to give way. Please use our test as a way to learn the give way rule and understand why vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists are obliged to give way in each scenario. 

Part B - Multiple choice. Answer 42 randomly selected multiple choice questions on the road rules and road safety. You are required to get at least 32 correct out of 42 to pass the official test.

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Perfect for learner drivers, the official Driver's handbook contains essential information, road rules and useful tips.